Daniel Allen
Daniel Allen
Based in London, award-winning writer and photographer Daniel Allen has journeyed widely across the globe. His work has featured in numerous publications, including The Guardian, The Sunday Times, National Geographic, Discovery Channel Magazine, Geographical, CNN Travel and Esquire.

Wildlife populations are growing in Malawi’s Liwonde National Park after new managers engaged with local villagers to improve their lives and reduce poaching and illegal fishing.

In remote, rural northern Portugal, conservationists are helping farmers and locals coexist with the Iberian wolf, as they tap the animal’s potential for nature tourism.

Humpback whales are making a comeback to the Salish Sea off Vancouver in western Canada, helping the region’s wider natural and cultural revitalisation.

Bison once roamed in their millions across the Canadian prairies. Beginning at a national park in the province of Alberta, their return is reviving both nature and cultural traditions.


Having been wiped out as pests in other parts of the continent, African wild dogs – sociable but fierce canines that hunt in packs –are making a recovery in South Luangwa National Park.

In addition to sun-kissed beaches and a thriving party scene, Goa boasts a fascinating cultural, religious and architectural heritage, which is well worth listening to

The Akagera park suffered grievously in civil war of early 1990s but has earned back its ‘Big Five’ credentials to become a focus of national pride for Rwandans and a hot-ticket destination for tourists

An initiative to involve locals in the Central American country in the tourism business is enriching the visitor experience and contributing to the economic well-being in an area of biodiverse rainforest

Shifting mindsets have allowed people living around Senegal's Sine-Saloum Delta – and visitors – to get the most of its lush, life-giving environment

Human activity on Earth’s frozen continent has never been higher. What effect will a rise in visits by holidaymakers, including Chinese, and scientific researchers have on the polar region? Will the fears of environmentalists be borne out?

Beneath the dirt and grime, the dilapidated havelis of Old Delhi, once the epicentre of India's Mughal dynasty, offer fleeting glimpses of a glorious past, writes Daniel Allen

For the people of Ladakh in northern India, the 'grey ghost', as they call the snow leopard, has turned from cattle-killing menace to income-generating cohabiter, writes Daniel Allen.


A world away from nearby Moscow, crescent of historic villages, towns and cities are where the Russian nation was born centuries ago.

From ancient olive trees to instinctive hospitality, Jordanians are using their natural resources to cultivate a sustainable tourist industry. 

People in Russia's Karelia republic, divided from their kin in Finnish Karelia, are struggling to preserve and promote their culture and heritage.  

The long-tail boat is a ubiquitous sight on the beaches of Krabi and Phuket. The boatbuilders' flair for improvisation has kept both a traditional art and the local economy afloat. Words and pictures by Daniel Allen.

With climate change transforming their frozen homeland, the Inuit of Greenland are giving up on hunting to chase tourist dollars instead. Words and pictures by Daniel Allen.

Southern Africa's safari camps supply luxurious adventure while helping the 'big five' species stay alive. Story and photography Daniel Allen.

Its distance from the tourist trail affords visitors to the Myanmese city of Bagan a wonderfully private perspective on one of the world’s most beautiful historic sites.

Whether you crave beautiful beaches, ancient temples or anchovy sushi, the city has it covered, writes Daniel Allen.

'Celebrating flamboyance, frivolity and forward-thinking, the art-deco period is one of the most exciting eras of design', writes Daniel Allen.

Running from capital to coast, Ecuador's luxury trains fulfil the dreams of a long-departed president. Words and pictures by Daniel Allen.

Spiritual temples, exhilarating treks and hot springs ... exploring Japan’s Kumano region on foot is good for the body and spirit, writes Daniel Allen.