Hazel Parry

Two friends battled a three-metre python for half an hour to rescue an 18kg pet dog from its grip in the Hong Kong countryside area of Sai Kung last week.

Affordability makes Britain's state boarding schools attractive to Hongkongers with the right passports. What's more, when they finish their schooling pupils qualify as local students for entry to British universities, meaning their fees are much lower. 

A detailed breakdown of where suicides occur in Hong Kong - believed to be the first such analysis for an Asian city - will help with the targeting of resources to counter the problem.


A shopping mall which reportedly used goats as part of a Lunar New Year promotion to attract customers has come under fire from animal lovers.

Local historians have launched a search for the family of a British sailor who fought to defend Hong Kong from the Japanese during the second world war, after his Royal Navy ID tag was found on a mountainside in Tai Tam.

A charismatic moon bear who became a symbol of the animal-welfare movement in Asia after being rescued by a Hong Kong-based charity from a bear-bile farm has died.

Guide dogs for the blind are returning to the city after a 30-year absence thanks to the help of a growing army of volunteers fostering puppies in training.

The Hong Kong Jockey Club has promised to post signs on its betting-shop doors saying guide dogs are welcome after staff tried to stop a blind man with a guide dog from buying a lottery ticket.

Hong Kong Jockey Club staff have come under fire for allegedly trying to stop a blind man and his guide dog entering one of their shops, telling him pets were not allowed on the premises.

A hunting party was called in to shoot and kill wild boar on the Kau Sai Chau public golf courses in Sai Kung after the animals breached electric fences and damaged 44,000 square metres of turf in the past two months.

A man being investigated over a Facebook post featuring photographs of a dog churning in a washing machine claims to have fled to the mainland.

A man who apparently put a dog in a washing machine and posted photographs on Facebook showing it struggling in the water has sparked a police investigation into suspected animal cruelty.

The BBC has been accused of overcautious self-censorship for cutting a lesbian kiss scene in the first episode of the new Doctor Who series when it premiered in Hong Kong last weekend.

A luxurious golf and tennis academy being built in Sai Kung has been branded a "blot on the landscape" because of 14 huge towers erected to support nets on its driving range.

The remarkable transformation of Rocky the Rottweiler from street dog to police dog came after an animal welfare charity introduced him to the Hong Kong Police dog unit.

Hong Kong is notorious for its academic pressure, with high expectations from parents and schools, along with relationship problems, often leading to depression, or even suicide.

Pet owners are being warned not to let their dogs drink or swim in streams after a spate of deaths from a disease caused by bacteria often carried by rats. Ten dogs out of at least 12 that have fallen ill in recent weeks with leptospirosis - a water-borne disease also potentially fatal to humans - have died.

It's Friday afternoon and the hall at Renaissance College in Ma On Shan is packed with about 250 domestic helpers.

In a video that yesterday went viral, a six-foot (1.83m) shark emerges from the sea in Sai Kung to shock two anglers reeling in a fish. The video posted on Facebook shows one of the anglers struggling, with the shark at one stage appearing to grab the fish on his rod as his pal records the extraordinary scene.


A glass-bottomed plane by Virgin Atlantic, a new Google search that allowed you to search and sniff smells and a plan to milk the feral cows of Sai Kung, were just some of the pranks floating around on April Fools' Day yesterday.

Country park officials have set up barriers and planted bushes to stop herds of feral cows harassing weekenders and scavenging food from barbecue sites.