Kaliz Lee
Kaliz Lee
Prolific graphic artist Kaliz Lee won medals for her multifaceted illustration portfolio two years running at the Society for News Design annual competition in New York. A contributing artist at the South China Morning Post since 2011, Kaliz has several corporate clients who know a great artist when they see one.

Wild boar are a common sight in Hong Kong, particularly along walking trails and in country parks where people sometimes feed them. Authorities began culling wild boar in late 2021 after one bit a policeman, sparking criticism from animal rights groups. Here’s a closer look at urban wild boar, visually explained.

Here are 25 iconic singers who have helped shape the Hong Kong pop music scene since 1997. Can you correctly match their facial features and name them all?

Smaller than a prison cell, more than 200,000 people live in extremely cramped conditions and spend years waiting for public rental housing.


In 2022, China has entered a period of frequent and localised lockdowns in pursuit of the national “dynamic zero Covid” policy, what it is like living through lockdown in China?

The 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing was among several games that have committed to the goal of carbon neutrality, with officials boasting of venues powered by renewable energy. How do you achieve a green Olympic?

Scientists worldwide are racing to establish if current treatments and vaccines are effective against the new Omicron Covid-19 variant as governments try to slow its spread by tightening border controls.

20 years on, how have the September 11  attacks ruptured America’s sense of safety and plunged the West into a “war on terror”?

Hong Kong born footballer, Lee Wai-tong is considered one of the five greatest players of all time, along with Pele and Stanley Matthews. Who is he?

Beijing joined forces with local authorities to offer Hongkongers a free Covid-19 Universal Community Testing Programme. Was it a success?

Without firing a single shot, 20 Indian soldiers died in the Galwan Valley when troops from the nuclear-armed nations fought with bare fists, sticks and stones.

We explore the magnitude of the measures on urban families forty years after the opening up of the Chinese economy.  

The resource-rich South China Sea is claimed in part or wholly by China, Brunei, Malaysia, Taiwan, Vietnam and the Philippines. The reclamation activities of various countries have been going on for years. But it was not until January that China intensively ramped its efforts.