Wild boar
  • Insignificant decrease in nuisance reports and sightings of animal shows current policy fails to control wild boar population, experts say
  • Authorities euthanised 135 wild boars between January 5 and May 17 this year

Readers discuss the changing Western narrative on Chinese Covid policy, the impact of the mainland border reopening, and humane treatment of injured animals.


Wild boar are a common sight in Hong Kong, particularly along walking trails and in country parks where people sometimes feed them. Authorities began culling wild boar in late 2021 after one bit a policeman, sparking criticism from animal rights groups. Here’s a closer look at urban wild boar, visually explained.

Readers discuss teachers’ workloads in Hong Kong, the impact of travel regulations on diversity in the city, plans to improve safety at care homes for children, and a boar sighting along Bowen Road.

A 60-year-old man and a 34-year-old woman bitten on their legs while they and their friend were hiking in Tai Tam Country Park, according to police.

Readers discuss Pope Francis’ comments on choosing to have a pet instead of children, those who disregard what’s best for Hong Kong’s wildlife, and the implications of Omicron.


Readers comment on the lack of clear messaging on the government’s wild boar solution, Hong Kong’s Covid-19 restrictions and border closures, and Western concerns about Peng Shuai.

The Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department has mounted operations in five ‘black spots’ and launched another seven after referrals from police.

Readers suggest improvements to Legco’s School Visit Programme, discuss belated official action on the wild boar problem, ask the government to persevere in reining in housing developers and examine Thailand’s ‘test and go’ policy.


Wild boars can still be aggressive and pose a threat to public safety even without being provoked. To complement animal removal, the public must understand the importance of not feeding wild animals.


Readers discuss the importance of police foot patrols, the ongoing mask mandate, pollution generated by face masks, how to deal with the wild boar problem, and pet owners’ responsibilities.


Readers discuss the need for the Hong Kong authorities to fine-tune their boar culling operation, the city’s low-carbon calculator, and Boston’s first Asian-American mayor.

Readers discuss the merits of undue attention to the right to privacy, how Hong Kong’s Palace Museum can draw on the resources of its Beijing counterpart, and the decision to cull wild boars.

Readers discuss Hongkongers’ apathy, the problem with testing records and government apps, the pros and cons of full-day school, and suggest a wild boar sanctuary.

The government’s decision to kill boars in urban areas should prompt reflection on whether human beings’ relationship with animals can be more than just predator-prey, especially as climate change threatens the city’s biodiversity.

From the quarantine exemption granted to select people to the culling of wild boars, events in the city bring to mind George Orwell’s famous satire.


Readers discuss the lessons in India’s farm laws saga, the detention of Chinese citizen journalist Zhang Zhan and Hong Kong’s wild boar problem


Leung Siu-fai, director of the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department, says only wild boars that pose a threat to the public in urban areas will be targeted.

Officers from the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department carried shields for protection against the animals and used dart guns during the capture operation in Wong Chuk Hang.