Marco Hernandez
Marco Hernandez
Hong Kong
Digital Design Director
Marco Hernandez worked for the Post from 2016 until 2020, specialising in interactive development for storytelling using infographics and data visualisation. He is a former senior infographic designer at La Nación and information design lecturer at the Science and Arts University of Costa Rica. He has won dozens of awards from international organisations, including the Society for News Design and the World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers.

This four-part story has won 22 international awards, most recently for the Spanish-language version at the Society for News Design's "Best of Ibero-American Journalistic Design, ÑH19"

After 43 years in the European Union, the United Kingdom voted to leave on June 23, 2016. A hotly contested referendum uncovered a sharp regional divide across the nation. The vote was characterised by a high turnout and nail-biting margins of victory

As North America freezes through a polar vortex, and Australia sweats out an extreme heatwave, there is growing consensus it could be game over for Planet Earth if we do not pay attention to the world’s permafrost


Even today, it sounds like a near impossible task: build an earthquake-resistant wooden building, strong enough to endure several tumultuous centuries, but without using nails or glue.

Understanding political narratives is not always easy. Events often develop with many twists and turns but situations can be further exacerbated when politicians are seen to change their minds as often as the wind changes direction. The following is a visual thread of comments made by US President Donald Trump about the trade war with China.

Constance Wu has scored a Golden Globe nomination as best lead actress for her performance in Crazy Rich Asians. She is only the third actress of Asian descent to be given the nod in this category and, historically speaking, taking the award home will be a tall order

the South China Morning Post Graphics Team is pleased to present this 8 chapter collection about the future, present and past of one of the biggest museum collection in the world. Meet the life in the Palace, the collection odyssey running away from wars and the exquisite architecture of the once Forbidden City in our preferred way to tell stories... visually

Food is more than fuel. Often a sensual pleasure, food can be central to friendships, romance and celebrations. It can also help bind a community through shared cultural roots

As we greet the New Year and wave goodbye to 2018, we would like to refresh your memories of the diverse range of stories the graphics team tackled. We look forward to evolving in the year ahead, but in the meantime here are some shortlists for the best of our visual stories from 2018.

The Chinese government announced the ‘Made in China 2025’ strategic plan in 2015. Aimed at closing the gap with Western hi-tech prowess and lessening China’s dependency on imported technology, it specified 10 areas where the country should take the lead

Superstar Bruce Lee died in 1973 at the age of 32 in Hong Kong. The icon’s action films helped spark a global interest in martial arts.