Maro Enriquez
Maro Enriquez
Maro Enriquez is a freelance journalist based in Metro Manila, the Philippines.

Given the lengthy, uncertainty process and decline in adoption, care facilities often have to prepare their wards for life without adoption by teaching them trade skills.


Unpaid housework and helping with family finances – these are just some of the expectations of the áte in a Filipino household. As highly-respected as these women are, it can sometimes be too much to bear.


Unintended pregnancy is common in the Philippines, and despite it being against the law, so is abortion. A bill to decriminalise terminations would give Filipino women hope, its author says.

Mental health issues are often equated to a lack of faith in the deeply religious Philippines, but a wave of pandemic-related suicides has prompted calls for spiritual leaders to provide guidance.

Small-press publishing houses are championing literary works and zines for and by women in the Philippines, changing the narrative in an industry and a country where men occupy the positions of power.

In the Philippines, a growing number of women are going against what’s expected of them by society and their parents by not having children, not marrying or by dating other women.

Before it was a Spanish colony, the Philippines had its own languages and scripts, including baybayin, a written form of Tagalog. An artist has created a card game around baybayin and hopes it inspires Filipinos to reconnect with their history.

Featuring graphic representations of events including the deaths of a number of farmers in March, ‘Sauron’ uses witness accounts to inform Filipinos about a controversial police operation depicted quite differently in mainstream media.

Threat of eviction and forced demolitions hangs over people in San Roque, Quezon City, Metro Manila to make way for a commercial development; ironically, the National Housing Authority is a partner in the project.

Freelance workers everywhere complain about the difficulties they experience getting paid. A movement taking place in the Philippines is trying to change that with the potential introduction of a self-employment bill.