Peh Shing Huei
Peh Shing Huei

Ten possible challengers may seem like a genuine threat to the ruling People’s Action Party, but it is a sign of a lack of a coherent and centralised strategy.

Forty years since Deng Xiaoping sought inspiration in Singapore, China-Asean relations have gone full circle. Ties that survived revolutionary zeal, financial crises and Tiananmen are now threatened by a curse in the South China Sea.

Stunning views, ample space and lockdown level security, these Lion City venues are fit for occupation by any self-respecting dictator or reality TV star.

Now in position to lead his nation indefinitely, the leader could be the most powerful man in Beijing since Mao Zedong, but history suggests titles and power don’t necessarily go hand in hand.

Disputes over contested waters should be solved by the nations directly involved, Chinese president says in speech at National University of Singapore