Ritu Hemnani
Ritu Hemnani
Ritu is an author, educator and TEDx presenter who promotes inclusiveness and diversity through her writing. Her articles have been published in the South China Morning Post, Asian Literary Review and Reader’s Digest. Ritu is a writing ambassador for the Home of Loving Faithfulness and her children’s book, Gope and Meera – A Migration Story, seeks to foster awareness and empathy for migrants in our communities.

TEDxTinHauWomen, on December 10, will cover topics including health, families and purpose. We talk to three speakers who will zoom in on infertility, screen time and intimacy.

We all fit one of four personality types, says author Gretchen Rubin, and knowing which we are can make us happier and more successful. It can also help us harness our strengths and offset our weaknesses.


Helpless in the face of his son’s illness, a doctor realised he knew too little about the roles of lifestyle and nutrition in health. Rangan Chatterjee has channelled his life-changing experience to treat ailments of modern life by changing the lives of others. 


Diagnosed with an incurable brain tumour last year, Amanda Schofield felt her world was falling apart. But the support of her husband and family kept her going, and now she is stable and living her life to the full.

Modern tech companies are preying on our capacity for ‘behavioural addiction’ with products that even their makers sometimes consider potentially dangerous.


Singer-songwriter Sheena Melwani has become something of a global sensation online thanks to ‘The Real Indian Dad’ interrupting her singing on TikTok, Instagram and YouTube.


If you use your twenties to sit back, enjoy life and have fun, you are missing the point, says psychologist and TEDx speaker Dr Meg Jay – it’s really a crucial time to set important goals and put your life in motion.

Bailey is 15 and runs an online store selling second-hand books to fund charities; Karisna is 17 and helped stage a fundraising dinner and ball for non-profits; preteen siblings sold toys to fund a family friend’s cancer treatment.

Aparna Shewakramani relished the chance for growth the series about millennials who consult a matchmaker gave her. Pradhyuman Maloo, who rejected 150 women from their photos, understands better what he seeks in a partner.


Lessons in languages, song, dance, yoga, cooking – you name it, you’ll find someone offering to teach a skill on Konversai, an online knowledge sharing platform. It’s brought strangers together and helped them become friends.

Kim Li was furious none of her father’s sisters shared an important detail of her family’s medical history that could have spared her much suffering. Now she says the ‘Asian way’ of hiding illnesses must stop – especially between relatives.

When India was partitioned in August 1947, Hindus and Sikhs fled newly created Pakistan. Some Hindus who fled from Sindh province ended up in Hong Kong, where they made a new life but never forgot their cultural heritage.

Almost 60 per cent of scholarships offered by city’s international and private schools go unclaimed, with many claiming they can’t find students eligible for the funding. Ethnic minority children would be ideal candidates, a report says.

Four Hong Kong IB diploma graduates discuss whether achieving the perfect 45 score benefited them at university or will prepare them better for jobs, and give tips on balancing study and life.

David was a sex addict, Andrew was a neglectful dad, Brendan was taught to bottle up emotions; each found the Men’s Fraternity, and a space to share their pain without judgment, and talk through issues around marriage, parenting, money or work.

Marital problems are made worse by a lack of understanding, and work and family pressures. Tips include premarital counselling, learning each other’s love language and making time for each other.

Long working hours in a sedentary posture with limited down time for rest and exercise can lead to upper back and neck restrictions; osteopath Jonine Nash offers tips for how to ward off and combat such problems.

With multi-faith Diwali balls and assemblies at schools, and homes filled with friends in place of family, Indian community celebrates differently; Indian firms’ Chinese staff take part in lucky coins ritual for the ‘Festival of Lights’.

Studies show that emotional skills are a better predictor of success in life than intelligence, and psychologists says parents need to know how their children’s brains work to help them reach their full potential.

Benita Perch cured her asthma and chronic fatigue after studying nutrition, homeopathy and naturopathy. She talks about how she treats patients by combining natural and conventional medicine.

With Indian nuptials evolving from home to hotel and chai to champagne, four Hong Kong-based specialists find their professional skills in demand to help turn the fairy tale dreams of couples into reality.