Tamsin Bradshaw

Kirk Lazarus wears many different hats. These days, he readily swaps between his interior designer hat, hotelier hat and retail magnate hat - all in one day sometimes - while somehow finding time to indulge in the many sports he loves. 

By opening up a 3,000 sq ft flat and dressing it in a clean, contemporary-classic style, a designer has made The Peak home look and feel even larger..

Putting together a comfortable, liveable and beautiful home is much like co-ordinating a stylish outfit. This similarity is something that Wendy Siu, president and founder of lifestyle retailer Heather & March, is keenly aware of. “Interior decoration is like fashion: there’s the sensitivity of balancing,” says Siu, whose business specialises in French and European homewares and furniture. “If you overdo it, then you’re losing it.”

As we head towards autumn and winter, furniture brands, paint suppliers and trend forecasters are predicting the looks and palettes that will be adorning our homes in winter and next year.

There are several reasons for going to a spa, such as to de-stress, to relax, to beautify, to fight the ageing process, and to forget life’s problems for an hour or two. Whatever the reason for indulging in a massage, facial or body wrap, it ultimately comes down to feeling good and improving overall health – something you can do in the comfort of your home.

When PMQ had its soft opening in May, it offered opportunities to established designers keen to embark on a new path as well as young, emerging creators.

Brands are responding with stylish, practical and individual designs. For the style-savvy, the look, feel and functionality of the kitchen is becoming increasingly important. No longer is the kitchen a space to be tucked out of sight; instead, this space is frequently being integrated into the rest of the home. There is a movement towards open-plan, interconnected living, dining and kitchen areas.

The online store offering vintage and modern homeware is the brainchild of Ross Urwin, former creative director of design and lifestyle at Lane Crawford.

Kirk Lazarus designs everything from hotels to private jets, and even ice cream. His eclectic ideas are now coming to Asia, writes Tamsin Bradshaw.