Xu Donghuan

Sometimes I feel I belong nowhere, says Germany-trained, Hong Kong-based ethnic Tibetan as he prepares to take City Contemporary Dance Company production to Taiwan.

The group show challenges the traditional notion of friendship and examines the relationships between the artworks on display at the Lehmann Maupin gallery.

Troupe with a 270-year history in Beijing urban village struggles to find new recruits amid rapid social and technological change.                                         


Artist Xu Jiang expresses his Cultural Revolution generation's lost hopes and potential in his sunflower works, writes Xu Donghuan.

Staffed by young, educated Mao devotees, Hebei’s Righteous Path Farm is an organic slice of communal harmony that would make the Great Helmsman proud, writes Xu Donghuan. Pictures by Simon Song.

The BHP Billiton Chair of Australian Studies at Peking University tells Xu Donghuan how his nation's relationship with Asia has evolved.

Having written soundtracks to films that include Red Sorghum, Raise the Red Lantern and Farewell, My Concubine, Zhao Jiping accepts that he is widely known for his film scores. But the 69-year-old composer says his orchestral works are a better vehicle of his thoughts and emotions.

He deprecatingly calls himself a tuhao - the Putonghua term for nouveau riche with barely the culture to match the wealth. But billionaire Liu Yiqian's huge collection of Chinese art suggests a finer taste than he lets on.

The National Centre for the Performing Arts (NCPA) in Beijing is an institution in a hurry. Opened in 2007, the centre was initially better known for a slew of controversy: the design of its futuristic egg-shaped building by architect Paul Andreu, delayed completion and huge construction and maintenance bills.

Zhang Er, 35, spent his childhood in the centre of Beijing hunting frogs, catching dragonflies and fishing in the moat that runs next to the demolished city walls.

A German teacher stood before a classroom reading loudly from a projection screen. Thirty students repeated after him, in unison. Herr. Frau. Dame. It was the first week of an eight-month German-language course in the coastal city of Weihai in Shandong province, and the students - Chinese nurses and nurse trainees - will jet to Germany later this year, where most already have job offers to work at residential care centres for the elderly.

A group of private collectors from Hunan has secured the purchase of a 3,000-year-old Chinese wine vessel - just a day before the ornate bronze relic was expected to go on the auction block in New York.

The auction of an antique Chinese bronze ritual wine vessel at Christie’s Asian Art Week in New York next week has caught the attention of well-heeled collectors across China.

Director Tian Qinxin is taking Romeo and Juliet into 20th century China. The reason for her Cultural Revolution? There aren't enough good love stories in Chinese, writes Donghuan Xu.

Standing confidently in front of the class, a teenage girl starts singing in a pretty voice: “High on a hill was a lonely goatherd/lay ee odl lay ee odl lay hee hoo.” Before long, the rest join her in yodelling the chorus to The Lonely Goatherd.


Shen Shen was never much interested in numbers, but like a lot of Asian students living in Canada she opted for a vocational degree, studying finance and management at the University of Toronto.

Architects designing the venue for the Apec summit in Beijing next year say developers in the capital are increasingly keen on putting up buildings inspired by Chinese culture rather than international designs that may be out of character in the city.

In the three months since China announced it would host this year's Apec summit in Beijing, preparations have been well under way at Yanqi Lake, a popular tourist destination in the outskirts of the capital.

A new play that glorifies the love of Mao Zedong for his eldest son, Mao Anying , who was killed while serving with the PLA in the Korean war, premiered this week in Beijing.

Since the 32-storey structure first took shape last spring, countless internet users have taken great glee in the fact that the would-be offices of the Communist Party's top propaganda organ appears - at least during construction - to resemble a male sex organ.


New York architect Jeffrey Johnson first visited China in the spring of 2006 with a group of students he was teaching at the graduate school of architecture, planning and preservation (GSAPP) at Columbia University. The trip took them to Shanghai and then a small town with historic buildings on the outskirts of Ningbo.

A remote, ramshackle Henan school is teaching its dwindling student body that only the Great Helmsman himself can save the People's Republic. Xu Donghuan meets a principal who dances to his own, old tune. Pictures by Simon Song.


The State Council has released a public consultation paper about moving Teachers' Day to September 28 to coincide with the birthday of Confucius. Educators and parents supporting the move hope aligning the day with the nation's greatest scholar will add pride and credibility to a profession battered in recent years by sexual assault claims and corruption.

In the final day of his feisty defence against corruption and other charges, Bo Xilai told the court he had no interest in clothing, his long johns were 50 years old, and his suits were all made in Dalian, where he was mayor from 1993 to 2000.

Before Liu Heung-shing became a photojournalist in China, he encountered many different versions of what kind of country China was. He had read the autobiographical accounts of Han Suyin, a strong supporter of the Chinese communist revolution, and the favourable portrait of the People's Republic given in the early writings of Ross Terrill.

With Hong Kong's M+ Museum due to open in 2017, it was widely believed the city would enter an intense rivalry with Beijing as a new centre for art and culture in Asia. Now, such ideas seem premature.

A 2012 raid on a Bible study group in rural Henan province has resulted in the jailing of seven participants for being members of an "evil cult". More than a year after the incident, those convicted and their families are still looking for answers, writes Xu Donghuan. Pictures by Simon Song.

Ai Weiwei has long been known for his unrelenting criticism of the government through works ranging from sculptures to art installations. Now, he is bringing this candid approach to his newfound passion for singing.


Compared with recent Hollywood blockbusters such as Django Unchained and Cloud Atlas, which did not escape the snips of Chinese censors, Iron Man 3 is much luckier.

Thick smog that blanketed Beijing and surrounding regions for a record 21 days last month returned, causing travel chaos as many businesses reopened and people returned after the Lunar New Year holiday.