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Sizzling Sichuan Peppercorn: A culinary journey through a cuisine

Sizzling Sichuan Peppercorn:
A culinary journey through a cuisine
From its humble beginnings in the Ming dynasty (1368 AD) to popping up in pop culture (Rick and Morty we’re looking at you), Sichuan cuisine has firmly established itself on the global food stage. Yet while many people associate it with extreme spice and mouth numbing qualities, there’s a lot more to this traditional Chinese fare than meets the eye (or tastebuds). We celebrate its diversity through our special multimedia Sichuan journey; from a podcast and products, to sizzling recipes that inspire. We travel through the history of spicy Chinese food, delve into Sichuan seasonings and ask 'what is a Sichuan peppercorn?'
Curious about Sichuan food?
Spicy Chinese food is loved around the world. We explore the surprising history of Sichuan cuisine, talk to expert chefs and dispel some of the myths surrounding its fiery reputation. Find out more food myths from the Eat Drink Asia podcast.
Ready to spice up your kitchen?
Feeling inspired? We’ve rounded up our top spicy Sichuan dishes to try in your kitchen. From a Sichuan peppercorn spice rub and fresh spicy seasonings, to quick and easy Chinese recipes.
Chinese Sichuan chicken pot

For several years, gai bo (“chicken pot”) was all the rage at Hong Kong hotpot restaurants. It starts life as one dish – chopped up, bone-in chicken pieces with a thick, complex sauce seasoned with lots of spices that you might not normally associate with Chinese food, but it ends up as something else. After most of the meat has been eaten, hot broth is stirred into the sauce remaining in the pot, which is then used to poach raw ingredients.

Slow-cooked butterflied leg of lamb with Sichuan peppercorn spice rub

This Sichuan peppercorn spice rub offers an unusual but delicious variation to the usual leg of lamb. The meat goes very well with spring onion pancakes or naan, but, if you don't feel like making those, serve it with cumin-flecked rice pilaf.

Quick and easy Chinese - Sichuan cold noodles with bean curd

Sichuan cold noodles make for a fast, easy meal, especially if you prepare the sauce in advance. The amount of sauce in this recipe is enough for two servings, but I often make a triple batch and store the leftovers in the fridge.

Sichuan Peppercorns
Provided by Goldthread2.com

For years, the most potent peppercorns had to be smuggled into the States. Here's why they continue to be hard to obtain.

Shop the spicy ingredients
Think you can cook up a storm better than the Goldthread team ? Shop the best ingredients for your next spicy Chinese recipe with these Sichuan peppercorn product recommendations.
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