Joe Biden

The 46th President of the United States
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Democratic politician Joe Biden becomes the 46th President of the United States of America having served as the 47th vice-president of the United States under Barack Obama from 2009 to 2017.

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While Biden has united the West against Putin’s war on Ukraine, he has yet to show the US electorate he is taking the migration issue seriously. Migration is one of the Democrats’ most urgent problems: it could give Republicans control of Congress and undermine American support for Ukraine.
SCMP ColumnistRobert Delaney
His pledge – for the fourth time in just two years – to militarily intervene should China invade the island can no longer be dismissed as the ramblings of a 79-year-old man; words matter, none more so than those of the US president.
The first signs are emerging that the party that has aligned itself with Donald Trump may not trounce Democrats in the midterms as expected. However, US President Joe Biden’s speech on September 1 indicates that there is a long way to go before his promise of uniting the country is fulfilled.
SCMP ColumnistRobert Delaney
The world’s economic course has been poorly piloted in recent years, whether by Trump or Biden, as the US seeks to decouple from the Chinese economy. If the world is to prevent an economic crash, Asian nations and others must demand that the major powers change direction.
US President Joe Biden’s latest legislative victory could be a game changer for the transition to clean energy sources in the US and around the world. By doubling down on forward-looking industrial policy, the US is poised to give Europe, China and others a run for their money.
If the free market is dying, what replaces it won’t be found among other 20th-century models, but in new ideas that address contemporary challenges. Increased state support can help drive innovation and create jobs, but protectionist attempts to revive old industries are misguided.
Trip to Taiwan by US House speaker has violated China’s sovereignty and shaken the political foundation of Sino-American ties, with potentially dire consequences.
Economic activity that fuels growth also drives deadly weather events. The Ukraine war has forced Europe to rethink its reliance on Russian energy. A Taiwan Strait conflict that disrupts global trade might make us stop consuming our way to climate disaster.
SCMP ColumnistRobert Delaney
American president must heed warning of counterpart Xi Jinping over rumoured visit by top official to Taiwan at a time when both countries should be cooperating for mutual benefit and to resolve global challenges
Recent tour of region by US President Joe Biden spurred by demand for oil and aim not to leave ‘vacuum’ of influence that could be filled by China.
Advancing defence ties with Manila’s treaty ally, but avoiding antagonising its largest trade partner, will be a difficult balancing act for Bongbong Marcos.
Companies worldwide should look to simplify and diversify their supply chains after the shocks of the pandemic and Ukraine invasion, and with a recession looming. However, it is not in their interests to relocate manufacturing to US friends and allies, as the Biden administration is advocating.
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