China-India Relations

Two nuclear-powered neighbours
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Background explainers, news and analysis on relations between China and India, the second and seventh largest economies in the world, covering trade, military, border issues and tensions between Beijing and New Delhi.

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Revelations that this month’s violent clash in the Himalayas is just one of many in the past two years indicate a change from previous disputes.
Sino-Indian history – that began over 1,000 years ago between southern Indian kingdoms of Pallava, Chola and Song China – is often overlooked in discussing China-India relationships.
While the offer is open to other countries, it is most applicable to China, given its dominance in Indian electronics. But it remains to be seen whether such a partnership can bolster Indian electronics manufacturing or give greater security to Chinese companies in India
Xi Jinping and Narendra Modi didn’t hold talks or even shake hands at the recent SCO summit in Samarkand.
Education may be holding India back from emulating China’s economic trajectory, with India producing far fewer skilled workers than China. Yet while India can learn from China’s success in education, China still has strides to make in critical thinking and allowing a diversity of ideas.
The case of Russian oil circumventing US sanctions via an Indian port has renewed attention to India’s rising Russian oil imports and raised doubts about its neutral stance. India has its own geopolitical calculations but US allies may question the special treatment granted to New Delhi.
The region has long been a thorny bilateral issue, and the relationship was already deeply strained following a deadly border clash two years ago.
India’s balancing act between the US and Russia has not impacted its tilt towards Washington in the great power rivalry.
Foreign Minister Wang Yi’s remarks that third parties should be kept out of Sino-India ties and the South China Sea row suggested nations are incapable of taking unilateral decisions.
While the Quad’s move to secure semiconductor supply chains is welcome, India’s focus is less on geopolitics and more on its domestic economy. The transformation to a digital economy will make chips essential, increasing the need for India to secure a home-grown supply.
Greater trust essential between China and India as the latest round of talks between the countries’ military commanders break down.
The Shanghai Cooperation Organisation, an Eurasian alliance, is an ideal platform to handle security and economic concerns starting with Afghanistan and spread of Covid-19
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