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‘Always a rebel and an independent thinker’: artist Huang Xiaopeng

Friends and fans devastated by death of nonconformist Chinese artist Huang Xiaopeng in Berlin at age 60.

27 Feb 2021 - 3:38PM
Theatre producer Penny Pun slams Hong Kong’s culture of ableism

Being a wheelchair-user often makes her the token minority. But Hong Kong-born Penny Pun Hiu-ching says she is determined to win over Broadway her way.

26 Feb 2021 - 6:58AM
What a view | Kwoklyn Wan shows how to make Chinese takeout dishes at home

Hankering for takeout from a British Chinese restaurant? Kwoklyn Wan will show you how to recreate the dishes you’re missing from your own kitchen

21 Feb 2021 - 9:45AM
What a view | River Where the Moon Rises: an epic Korean historical drama

The series follows the legendary exploits of Princess Pyeonggang and the unfortunately named On Dal the Idiot, Korean folk heroes. 

14 Feb 2021 - 10:57AM
What a view | The Serpent: murders on Asia’s ‘hippie trail’

The BBC-Netflix period crime drama hisses with quiet menace as it explores the crimes committed by serial killer Charles Sobhraj and follows those committed to bringing him to justice. 

7 Feb 2021 - 9:45AM
Korean-American actor Daniel Dae Kim on Covid-19, anti-Asian racism

The actor and producer on how his Korean ethnicity has always played a role in his career and why he enjoys reading bad scripts.

1 Feb 2021 - 9:54AM
What a view | Goedam: bingeable, bite-sized Korean horror shorts

The eight-part anthology series delivers blood, gore and genuine chills in short blasts of seven to 15 minutes.

31 Jan 2021 - 10:06AM
The Hong Kong artist keeping silk-screen printing alive

Wong Tong, whose works are influenced by the music he listens to, is running silk-screen printing workshops ‘to preserve these traditions, especially in our digitised age’.

29 Jan 2021 - 12:45PM
What a view | Youn’s Stay: Parasite star joins charming Korean reality show spin-off

When Covid-19 put paid to the third season of Youn’s Kitchen, Youn Yuh-jung decamped to a hanok homestay, where, with the help of some famous friends, she hosts foreign guests already in South Korea.

24 Jan 2021 - 9:57AM
What will post-Covid-19 Hong Kong look like?

Eleven emerging talents present their visions of tomorrow, created in collaboration with established artists, in an exhibition at Art and Culture Outreach.

21 Jan 2021 - 4:45PM
What a view | Lovestruck in the City: mockumentary follows six young Seoulites

The show looks into the dating scene in South Korea’s capital, painting the menfolk as soppy fops and the women as confident cads.

17 Jan 2021 - 9:49AM
Masked Life: how humans have adapted to life during a pandemic

In an exhibition featuring photojournalism students at City University, lecturer Birdy Chu reflects on the role of face masks.

15 Jan 2021 - 3:15PM
How Ankie Beilke overcame bullying to become a top actor and model

Born in Germany, Ankie Beilke followed in her mother’s footsteps to become an actor, starring in her first role at the age of six.

11 Jan 2021 - 4:17PM
What a view | K-drama Run On – it’s contrived and convoluted, but what romcom isn’t?

While viewers might see the love story between Shin Se-kyung’s translator and Im Si-wan’s athlete coming, there are still elements of surprise to the show.

10 Jan 2021 - 9:50AM
What a view | The best shows and films to watch over the new year

On Netflix, Japanese thriller Alice in Borderland goes big on existential angst, while HBO Asia’s romcom Adventure of the Ring offers a more comforting outlook.

29 Dec 2020 - 11:54AM
What a view | What to watch over the festive season

There is no shortage of seasonal showings, including Love Actually, A New York Christmas Wedding and Holidate. If you’re already low on Christmas spirit, try K-drama The Uncanny Counter on Netflix.

20 Dec 2020 - 9:50AM
How Wei Wei became Hong Kong Ballet’s principal dancer

After his mother noticed his natural sense of rhythm, Wei Wei joined Shenyang Conservatory of Music, in China, before joining Hong Kong Ballet in 2003, where he met his wife and continues to dance.

13 Dec 2020 - 2:32PM
What a view | The best Christmas movies and shows to stream

Netflix provides seasonal musicals aplenty, from Dolly Parton’s Christmas on the Square to Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey.

13 Dec 2020 - 11:33AM
Nothing could stop these Hong Kong artists from creating

An exhibition to accompany the release of book Daisy Fairy and the Bear: From the Beach to Wondeer features 30 works six artists from the Tung Wah Group of Hospitals’ i-dArt programme.

11 Dec 2020 - 4:15PM