Review | Lesson in greed: how East India Company looted India

William Dalrymple’s eloquent tale of greed, violence and the first corporate bailout in history.

19 Sep 2019 - 5:19PM
Review | The Testaments, sequel to The Handmaid’s Tale – well worth the wait

Few sequels have been as hotly anticipated – or as timely – as this long-awaited novel, and the follow-up to Atwood’s 1985 dystopian masterpiece is a worthy second instalment.

10 Sep 2019 - 6:26PM
Pico Iyer on how a chance layover in Japan changed his life

I grew up in Britain, but I’m entirely Asian’ says the first writer in residence of the newly renovated Raffles Hotel Singapore.

5 Sep 2019 - 8:12PM
The case for original Chinese-American eccentric H.T. Tsiang

The poet, activist, author and actor’s roller-coaster life is being re-examined along with his 1935 novel, The Hanging on Union Square, now republished as a Penguin Classic.

31 Aug 2019 - 10:11PM
‘I spent my adult life high on drugs before I learned how to live’

Trying to escape a life of hard-drug taking, Luke Williams travelled in Asia for three years. He writes about his wild experiences in his new book, Down and Out in Paradise.

31 Aug 2019 - 8:00AM
Review | A dictionary-sized travel guide? In the TripAdvisor era? Really?

An A-to-Z coffee table book of ideas for international weekend mini-trips, culled from the pages of The New York Times, this tome has no practical purpose we can fathom, beautiful though it may be.

24 Aug 2019 - 10:30PM
Review | Salman Rushdie’s Quichotte brings Cervantes into the modern age

An ever playful, layered retelling of the tragi-comedy sees the delusional Don Quixote reborn as an ageing Indian salesman tilting at reality television.

24 Aug 2019 - 3:45AM
Review | The Dragon Republic: epic fantasy and China’s bloody history unite

R.F. Kuang’s second book picks up where the first left off, with heroine Rin on the run.

23 Aug 2019 - 2:49AM
How life in a Swedish forest inspires a writer’s Nordic noir thrillers

‘I thought I would have so much time to read and write, but actually I spend a lot of time chopping wood, clearing ditches and repairing my road’, says British novelist Will Dean.

18 Aug 2019 - 1:02PM
Review | Beijing Payback: a portrait of grime and crime in China’s capital

Murder mystery turned revenge tragedy moves from the comfy confines of California to the gritty city.

15 Aug 2019 - 8:34PM
Review | Long Peace Street: a 30km walk through Beijing and its past

Chatwin digs through the city’s 3,000-year history on a trek down Changan Jie, or Long Peace Street

4 Sep 2019 - 4:21PM
Liu Cixin’s sci-fi masterpiece gets a mind-boggling fanfic sequel

The Redemption of Time, by Baoshu, transports Liu’s characters into a new universe.

1 Aug 2019 - 11:11PM
Review | Former Hong Kong addict’s tale of rock bottom and recovery

In his second memoir, Forty Nights, ex-marine Chris Thrall describes with wit and warmth his attempts, with varying degrees of success, to face his demons back home in Britain.

25 Jul 2019 - 6:20PM
Review | New sci-fi stories from the writer behind movie Arrival

Exhalation by Ted Chiang includes nine tales, most of them masterpieces while a couple don’t quite hit the mark.

25 Jul 2019 - 10:39AM
Nine summer reads worth their weight in baggage allowance

Find answers to existential questions, learn how to arm yourself in the fight against climate change and explore the world beneath your feet, all in the pages of a book.

14 Jul 2019 - 3:05PM
Review | Arundhati Roy’s essays on 20 years as a thorn in India’s side

In My Seditious Heart, the writer takes on gender politics, corporate globalisation, religious fundamentalism and India’s caste system.

11 Jul 2019 - 11:12AM
An A to Z of Hong Kong - children’s book an alphabetical odyssey

Artist Assia Bennani pays homage to her adopted home of 12 years with a loving portrait of the city co-written by Ellen Ng. Tale follows the adventures of a young girl and a lost frog as she helps him find his way home.

9 Jul 2019 - 9:00AM
Review | Debut novel about Chinese migrants in Alaska a literary gem

In The Unpassing, evocative story about the arbitrariness of life in an unfamiliar place, San Francisco-based author Chia-Chia Lin creates a shadowy world, rich in imagery and atmosphere, seen through a child’s eyes.

4 Jul 2019 - 9:30PM
Amitav Ghosh explores human response to climate damage in Gun Island

The New York-based Indian writer’s ninth novel lays bare mankind’s failure to process the new realities of a changed environment

27 Jun 2019 - 7:07PM