Short Reads

Then & Now | How Clive James’ Hong Kong connection inspired his poetry

The late writer and TV presenter’s father, a one-time Japanese POW, is buried in Sai Wan Bay.

5 Dec 2019 - 6:08PM
Reflections | In imperial China, being capable could get you killed

Emperor Liu Bang of the Western Han dynasty had two Han Xin’s working for him, until, threatened by their competence, he terminated their employment.

4 Dec 2019 - 7:00PM
Opinion | I’m no Scrooge, but let’s cut back on Christmas

From food waste and plastic packaging to electricity, the environmental impact of the festive season is huge.

3 Dec 2019 - 6:02AM03571EC5-13F4-4283-B996-99444BE88411
Gigi Chao to speak at TEDxTinHauWomen event

From an architect to a planetary scientist, the third edition of the TEDx event explores how females with varying perspectives can be bold and brilliant.

1 Dec 2019 - 1:30PM
Then & Now | Visible ID on police uniforms was once essential, why not now?

The disappearance of identification markers during the current civil unrest has helped fuel loss of confidence in the police force.

29 Nov 2019 - 9:27AM
From parkour to ballet: 24-hour dance festival to wow Hong Kong

Street dancing, parkour, ballet, kung fu acrobatics, apsara dance and a dance party at the Eaton Hotel.

27 Nov 2019 - 9:55AM
Language Matters | Where Molotov cocktails – petrol bombs – got their name

It was Finns who coined the nickname Molotov cocktail during World War II for the petrol bombs they threw at advancing Soviet tanks.

26 Nov 2019 - 7:28AM
Murder most foul: how ‘Wild Wolf’ haunted Hong Kong banker’s family

The cracking of Wong Sik-pun’s kidnapping case in 1961 led police to the body of the Hong Kong banker’s son, who had disappeared more than two years earlier

24 Nov 2019 - 8:56AM
Then & Now | The truth about Western brothel madams in Hong Kong

From the mid-19th century onwards all licensed brothels in Hong Kong were run by women.

23 Nov 2019 - 10:52AM
Reflections | Vegetarianism in China is nothing new: plant-based diets have ancient origins

Contrary to popular belief, plant-based diets existed in the Middle Kingdom long before Buddhism came to the country

21 Nov 2019 - 9:22AM03571EC5-13F4-4283-B996-99444BE88411
Opinion | Cinema etiquette: the scourge of munching at the movies

The movie theatre experience Martin Scorsese is trumpeting doesn’t exist in the real world as noisy film-goers are ruining the entire experience with their senseless snacking.

19 Nov 2019 - 4:20PM
Spend a night under the stars to end homelessness

Supported by celebrities Helen Mirren and Will Smith, the Big Sleep Out is a global event that aims to raise funds and awareness and increase empathy for homeless people.

16 Nov 2019 - 2:00PM
Reflections | Brunch in the evening? How words change their meaning

Social media and an online generation have sped up the process by which definitions evolve and neologisms emerge.

16 Nov 2019 - 11:00AM
When Mother Teresa prayed for Hong Kong’s future

The Nobel Peace Prize winner visited Hong Kong in 1983, bringing a message of love, joy and family planning.

15 Nov 2019 - 8:15AM
Then & Now | Cannibalism in Japanese-occupied Hong Kong

Wartime food shortages undoubtedly drove the starving to eat human flesh, even if there are no first-hand, verifiable accounts.

15 Nov 2019 - 9:43AM
Language Matters | Doxxing: the ‘weapon’ in Hong Kong’s protests had petty beginnings

‘Dropping dox’, as it was known in the 1990s, was an act of retribution during flame wars in which hackers and posters got into arguments online

11 Nov 2019 - 9:08AM
Exhibiting both male and female traits: artists explore how

Daisy Chan, the curator behind the upcoming ‘The Feminine Awakens’ show, reveals her paintings are a tribute to her partner, who lost his battle with cancer. He made her realise that men can have both masculine and feminine traits, she says.

8 Nov 2019 - 11:15AM
When Janet Jackson helped Hong Kong ‘discover what a good time is’

The youngest of the Jackson clan gave power-packed performances for three nights at the Hong Kong Coliseum in 1990 as part of her Rhythm Nation tour.

8 Nov 2019 - 10:00AM
Then & Now | Why Hong Kong is nothing like Macau – for now, at least

When it comes to their people and politics, the two Chinese special administrative regions flanking the Pearl River delta could hardly be more different.

8 Nov 2019 - 8:05AM