Short Reads

How one fin-free wedding can save 24 sharks, your health, and wallet

Hong Kong Shark Foundation and online platform Bride Union have joined together to banish shark fin soup from wedding banquet menus forever.

6 Aug 2020 - 4:05PM
Reflections | How ancient Chinese names changed to remove racist overtones

History shows how names given to groups can acquire negative connotations, and why their use should be mitigated through awareness and reflection.

3 Aug 2020 - 5:15AM
Language Matters | Where does the word ‘vaccine’ come from?

The bovine origins of the word come from physician Edward Jenner’s 1796 breakthrough on smallpox.

2 Aug 2020 - 5:19AM
The short-lived Taikoo Shing to Central ferry service

Inaugurated in August 1980, the service cut travel time from more than two hours to mere minutes but ended just two years later.

31 Jul 2020 - 3:15PM
Then & Now | Cranks and eccentrics: the Westerners who tried to assimilate in Asia

Foreigners attempting to integrate into Eastern societies have long been seen as odd, from both sides of the ethnic divide.

30 Jul 2020 - 8:48AM
Opinion | We have the French to thank for a lot of things. Not the French press

The kitchen cupboard-lurking cafetière doesn’t make good coffee. It just makes us fumé.

26 Jul 2020 - 3:15PM
Then & Now | Ship’s crew who died in opium war honoured in Hong Kong

HMS Calcutta, an obsolete wooden sailing ship, was pressed into service in the second opium war against China.

24 Jul 2020 - 3:44PM
How Hong Kong’s first electrified rail service arrived – late

Travel time from Hung Hom to Lo Wu on the fully electrified service was cut from 70 minutes to ‘about 36 minutes’.

23 Jul 2020 - 5:30PM
Language Matters | Censorship: when silence speaks louder than words

The Finnish use silence and observation to get to know a stranger, in Hong Kong, it is being used to draw attention to that which can no longer be said.

21 Jul 2020 - 10:31AM
Then & Now | Hong Kong’s ‘rights’ – the gift China can take back when it sees fit

Cold-eyed acceptance of the city’s diminished role does not feature in public discussion.

20 Jul 2020 - 8:15AM
Did Sinbad the Sailor exist? One man’s quest to prove it

Travelling aboard a replica medieval dhow, the British explorer Tim Severin sailed the 2,000-year-old trade route from Oman to China, in 1980.

17 Jul 2020 - 4:22AM
Young Hongkonger breathes new life into dying art of Canton porcelain

Also known as guangcai, the colourful ceramics were a major export item through the Qing dynasty to the 1980s.

16 Jul 2020 - 4:45PM
Reflections | Can Confucius Institute rebrand bring China closer to the world?

For much of its history, China did very little to promote its culture – rather people came from far and wide to acquire it. What changed?

16 Jul 2020 - 5:50AM
Reflections | A Chinese king’s lies cost his life – for Trump, it could be the presidency

Despite the US president’s endless falsehoods, he seems to be able to count on the support of his base – a similar strategy didn’t work out well for a Zhou dynasty ruler.

14 Jul 2020 - 9:40AM
Opinion | Why is Hong Kong history absent from city’s ‘world-class’ education?

Even before the National Security Law saw books swiped from school shelves ‘for review’, local history, rich as it is, was never mentioned in classrooms.

13 Jul 2020 - 11:30AM
Hong Kong’s gruesome ‘body in box’ murder mystery

Mutilated body found in trunk abandoned in Causeway Bay was that of an employer slayed by a disgruntled employee.

13 Jul 2020 - 10:00AM
Precious gems go under the microscope in Hong Kong exhibition

‘Discover the Gemstones, Ruby & Sapphire’ invites visitors to interact with uncut stones.

10 Jul 2020 - 4:00PM
Then & Now | How soap was once the great hygiene divider

The source of much international mirth, soap has changed a great deal since the mid-19th century carbolic blocks became broadly available.

10 Jul 2020 - 11:17AM
Language Matters | Filibuster: how the meaning changed from piracy to politics

Filibuster, freebooter, flyboat all have the same Dutch ancestor: vrijbuiter, meaning ‘privateer’.

7 Jul 2020 - 9:15AM