Short Reads

China Airlines hijack attempt: how disaster was averted

As the Boeing 737 was making its descent into Hong Kong, Shih Ming-cheng struck the pilot, ordering him to redirect the plane to the mainland

14 Mar 2019 - 9:00PM
Meat-loving Hong Kong to get a taste of vegan festival VeggieWorld

City’s residents, who are among world’s biggest meat consumers, can find out all about veganism at inaugural fair held at PMQ

15 Mar 2019 - 8:22PM
Then & Now | A potted history of the Chinese porcelain industry

A must-have for newcomers to Hong Kong, customised dinner plates found their way from China, to Europe, and even the Virginia plantation of one George Washington

8 Mar 2019 - 12:57PM
When Tai Lam Chung Reservoir gave parched Hong Kong relief

The first reservoir to be built in Hong Kong following the second world war, it was the largest in the colony, and cost HK$130 million.

8 Mar 2019 - 7:48AM
Reflections | Incest was a crime in ancient China, most of the time

Although the Chinese word for incest literally means ‘to bring disorder to normal human relationships’, there were instances when it occurred, some legally

7 Mar 2019 - 11:53AM
Opinion | ‘I’m their pet gweipo’: student calls HKU out on lack of diversity

An Estonian undergraduate at HKU – a rare European studying at the venerable institution – says the university is not diverse, but tokenistic

7 Mar 2019 - 12:45PM
How Triads were excused by Hong Kong’s post-war census

‘Heroin factories, Triad lodges, or illegal printing shops’ were off the hook when enumerators came to collect data, while sea-based residents were interviewed just before Lunar New Year, when their numbers were greatest

1 Mar 2019 - 7:18AM
Then & Now | Remembering Hong Kong journalist Peter Moss

Indian-born Moss, who died recently in Manila aged 83, called Hong Kong home for more than four decades but the best years of his life were spent in Malaya

1 Mar 2019 - 10:17AM
Language Matters | Mardi Gras: where ‘carnival’ came from, the origins of ‘shrove’

Pancake Day, another name for Shrove Tuesday, reflects the tradition of consuming rich, fatty foods before Lent

28 Feb 2019 - 4:43PM
Reflections | Shoes on or off inside? The Chinese haven’t always agreed

Removing one’s footwear upon entering a house is often perceived as a pan-Asian custom. But it wasn’t always the case for the imperial Chinese

28 Feb 2019 - 2:48PM