Rare sightings of a whale in city waters were met with excitement. And while the interest in the animal is understandable, it is hard to defend the rush of people trying to get a closer look.

  • Officers arrest 35-year-old man and 38-year-old woman arriving in city from Brazil via Ethiopia in two separate incidents
  • Crime syndicates deliberately sourced dried shark fins yet to be regulated and mixed them with scheduled ones to avoid detection, customs says

Lawmakers from across the aisle have proposed to outlaw the consumption and sale of dog meat, with measures such as a five-year jail term or fines of up to US$38,000.


At the White House on Monday the US president joked about his age, saying: ‘This is the 76th anniversary of this event. I want you to know I wasn’t there for the first one.’


Police say scammers deceived customers buying other products by urging them to download Android app for placing orders which allowed them to control users’ phones.

Vote checkers in New Zealand were so overwhelmed by John Oliver’s humorous campaign for the puteketeke they had to postpone naming the winning bird for two days.

Vote checkers in New Zealand have been overwhelmed by ballots to choose the Bird of the Century, after comedian John Oliver’s humorous campaign for his favourite feathered friend, the pūteketeke.

Scientists have spent years working on the conundrum and think they have found the landmass, which split from Australia, hidden under Southeast Asia’s eastern islands.


Hong Kong-based artist duo Zheng Mahler take people on journeys through the senses of animals such as bats and buffaloes in immersive works that make strong use of technology.

More bear attacks are expected over the next few weeks as climate change erode the bears’ food sources and a warm autumn delays their hibernation.


Athul Sharma performed mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on the snake that had tried to enter a house in Madhya Pradesh state. He told reporters he’d rescued around 500 snakes over his 15-year career.

The shooting wild horses from helicopters was used in 2000, when more than 600 “brumbies” were shot over three days. But a fierce public backlash resulted in the method being banned.

Bobi, a guard dog, claimed the Guinness World Record for world’s oldest dog from Bluey, an Australian cattle dog, who died in 1939 aged 29 and had held the record for almost a century.

Organised and Serious Crime Ordinance amended in 2021 to cover certain wildlife trafficking-related crimes but has yet to be used for prosecutions, experts say.

BBC series Planet Earth III looks at vulnerable animals dealing with a changing world. Its producers talk about getting viewers to care, and working with a 97-year-old broadcasting legend.


Malaysia’s wildlife department resorted to using puppies after earlier attempts to lure the big cats with a goat failed, saying that it is standard procedure to use live animals.