Asian Games 2023i

The 2023 Asian Games will take place in Hangzhou from September 23 to October 8. Hangzhou will be the third Chinese city to host the Asian Games, after Beijing in 1990 and Guangzhou in 2010.


The time has arrived for nearly 12,000 athletes, including a record 680 from Hong Kong, with the opening of the Hangzhou event that promises excitement, thrift and sustainability.

Sport in Hong Kong from young athletes to professional teams was hit hard by the impact of Covid-19. Now that the outbreak has eased and sport is returning, plans must be put in place to ensure training and competition can continue should there be another surge in cases.

  • Chinese Basketball Association chief says criticism of players after Asian Games failure has gone too far
  • Ming made his comments at Chinese basketball Hall of Fame event in Beijing

Olympic Council of Asian slapped with fine for allowing flag, despite anti-doping officials banning secretive country from doing so over testing breaches.


Women’s doubles pair Ng Mui-wui and Wong Ting-ting win gold, city takes bronze in the same event and women’s team sabre fencers also win bronze, with Hong Kong poised to finish ninth in medal table.

Badminton’s men’s singles semi-final sees Chu Man-kai oust compatriot Wong Chun-yim but the Hongkongers pair up to reach doubles final, after Chan Yui-lam helps take the city’s podium tally to 30.

The 26-year-old has emerged as one of Hong Kong’s top footballing talents in recent years, but recently left his boyhood club to join China League One team Guangxi Pingguo Haliao

With the wheelchair basketball tournament beginning on Thursday, athletes and spectators can now appreciate the accessible venues with elements including barrier-free showers and washrooms, guide dog rest areas, lifts and tactile paving.

City’s leader Lee hosts an event for Hong Kong’s record-breaking Asian Games athletes, even if celebrations are muted with the focus already switching to the Paris Olympics.

In this issue of the Global Impact newsletter, we look back at events at the Asian Games in Hangzhou, which included a series of firsts, including esports making its debut as a medal event.


Country’s flag has been on display at the Games, in defiance of a ruling by World Anti-Doping Agency, which found North Korean doping body to be non-compliant.

Requirement for South Korean men to do 18 months in military is waived for an Asian Games gold medal, which the footballers clinched with 2-1 victory over Japan.

With only six teams competing in men’s team kata, Hong Kong were guaranteed to battle for bronze but left without a medal after losing to Iraq. World No 3 Tsang Yee-ting struggles in women’s -50kg kumite, losing in round of 16 and repechage.

World No 1 An Se-young hurts her knee and receives medical treatment before staging remarkable comeback to win gruelling final over Chen Yufei in Hangzhou.

India handed medal because of higher global ranking than opponents Afghanistan. Big four, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh were placed straight into quarter-finals.

B-Boy C Plus, B-Girl Lady Banan and B-Girl Lady Little score high enough in the preselection to progress, but none of the three wins a single battle in the round robin.