Chinese millennials
  • Yan Du collects art, but rather than open a museum she launched a foundation. ‘We see many Chinese wanting to buy art. But we think about the gap of research’
  • Her Asymmetry Art Foundation sets up scholarships for curators – the people who shape how we see art and plant ideas in our heads, Du says

Worn by Rihanna, Lady Gaga and Blackpink’s Lisa, and tapped to work with brands like Fitbit, Onitsuka Tiger and Vacheron Constantin, it’s clear the fashion world has a new breed of talent to reckon with


In today’s China, stars’ fans are quick to promote or to punish brands ... so companies must choose their ambassadors carefully and treat them well

CBD cosmetics are trending globally but China’s strict laws means millennials will miss out – despite the country being the world’s largest producer of hemp

After watching in disbelief as youngsters queued up for tea made with paltry powdered milk, ‘Neo’ opened his first real milk tea shop in 2012 – now he boasts 450 branches (and a US$600 million fortune)

Millennial entrepreneur Peng Xin quit her job to bring her high-end bread and bubble tea vision to life – but it was a blind date that finally kicked off her business

The willingness and desire of young Chinese people to spend their hard-earned income, and that of their families, is playing an increasingly large role in driving China’s economic development.


The tastes of wealthy Millennials and Generation Z members in China differ considerably from older generations, with a focus on items that reflect their modern culture.


Her ostentatious social media posts showing off high jewellery and supercars were only ever half the story – now the infamous internet celebrity is back in the headlines

Pop Mart founder Wang Ning, a 33-year-old from China’s Henan province, opened his first store in 2010 – now he has 200 in 21 countries and is valued at US$3.2 billion

Chinese cocktail enthusiasts can’t stop sipping on regional craft gin brands – whether Porcelain Shanghai Dry Gin, the first distiller to use Mongolian juniper berries, or the blood red Dragon’s Blood