• Using brioche dough for the crust gives the tart a smooth, light texture: the temperature of the butter is key when mixing the dough
  • It’s best to use fresh unsalted green pistachios for a bright colourful frangipane – the paste keeps for a week in the fridge, or a month in the freezer

The winner of 100 Top Tables’ Best Pastry Chef award was inspired to be a chef by Pierre Hermé – but today demonstrates a culinary style that’s all his own

Royal Hotels Hong Kong’s new premium pastry brand opened its first shop at Mikiki Mall, offering Alice in Wonderland-themed pastries and sugar-free desserts for health-conscious diners


The talented 30-year-old host of the new culinary series is a chocolate architect who creates larger-than-life sculptures, which have gained him millions of followers on Instagram


A variation on Portuguese egg tarts, these are easy to make, especially using commercial puff pastry, and use a unique non-rolling method to create the tart shells.

From US$200 for French fries to US$10,000 for a home-delivered pizza, would you try these everyday comfort foods with an eye-watering price tag?


With chocolate in both the pastry and the ganache, these cherry tarts are rich and indulgent. You can make them in advance, but they are better served warm from the oven.

If you’re sweating in Hong Kong’s warmer weather, Hue Dining and Castellana have just the thing: delicious house-made ice cream alongside delectable desserts

In the book Ices Italia, author Linda Tubby explores the uncertain origins of ice cream and recounts how it became ‘the world’s favourite comfort food’.