Family-owned business

As many of the country’s tech founders hand over the reins, it’s worth remembering that once start-ups grow to a certain size they need professional managers to take over.

  • Gradual resumption of business activity is a promising sign for overseas Chinese, but many remain wary of reopening doors, and kerbside sales are more common
  • Public events in Chinatown are regaining popularity, and eateries have extended hours past the cautious 5pm norm of 2021

Southeast Asia’s 70 million small and medium-sized enterprises emit more carbon each year than Cambodia and Brunei combined, but even when they have the will to fight climate change, they lack skills and financial resources.

Joseph Sassoon charts the rise and fall of his family’s business empire, from its roots in Baghdad to China – and to posh London drawing rooms where, the academic argues, the seeds of its doom were sown.


Another chapter in Hong Kong’s history will end when the Fleet Arcade at Fenwick Pier in Wan Chai closes on February 11. Business owners and a former US navy officer share fond memories of its glory days.


Ambani heirs Isha, Akash and Anant could be poised to take on more senior roles as their father recently announced ‘momentous leadership transition’ at the multibillion-dollar family business

From India’s Ambanis, America’s Mars candy dynasty and the Saudi royals’ oilfields, these dynasties of billionaires have become expert in keeping it in the family

Founder Dhirubhai inadvertently kicked off a feud between brothers Mukesh and Anil when he didn’t leave a will before he died … so how are Mukesh’s kids getting involved in the billion-dollar business?

India’s Raymond Group is at the centre of a family rift between father and son, Vijaypat and Gautam, with control of the empire and access to the family’s luxury Mumbai mansion at stake …

The Italian fashion label will list shares on the New York Stock Exchange – but current shareholders will still retain control of the 111-year-old company, unlike in other recent luxury brand deals

After the Tiffany & Co. acquisition, LVMH-backed private equity firm L Catterton has just bought majority stake in Italian maison Etro

Roping in the likes of Louis Koo to raise awareness of your cause, or leveraging your board seat or birthday to persuade people to donate to charity is all in a day’s work for these influential Hong Kong divas