Ghana Country Report 2018

According to the central bank, Ghana’s oil production leapt to nearly 60 million barrels in 2017, resulting in export revenues 124 per cent above the previous year

Rising middle class and a substantial international community are helping to propel demand for a locally made chocolate with a more cosmopolitan flavour and texture

The Eagles hosted and won two Rugby Africa tournaments in two years; were awarded full membership of World Rugby, and entered the Rugby Africa Men’s Sevens circuit in Kampala, Uganda in October 2017


An economy tipped to be the world’s fastest-growing this year has ambitious plans to switch from a resource base to one driven by industrial exports, with the help of China, its largest trading partner and principal investment source

The government wants investors to partner with local entrepreneurs to create jobs and industry, generate taxes to fund social services and infrastructure

The state operator BOST aims to cooperate with the private sector by offering investors oil and gas storage facilities, turning Ghana into a regional energy centre

GFZA encourages local entrepreneurs to operate in the Free Zones, and axes bureaucratic processes to help them succeed in their businesses