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Hi-Tech in Shenzhen

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Hi-Tech in Shenzhen

In this “Hi-Tech in Shenzhen” report, we look at how Shenzhen has risen to become the global epicentre of hi-tech innovations in telecommunication, automotive and other industries. Shenzhen is also the world’s largest manufacturer of drones, and robots are the next big thing. While the city is home to many technology giants, it is also the breeding ground of startups.

Tencent Cloud won a contract to provide cloud computing to Xiamen for 0.01 yuan, even as the city government earmarked 4.95 million yuan for the one-year contract.

Tencent’s 0.01 yuan bid for Xiamen cloud contract raises ire

Tencent Holdings, the operator of China’s largest online social network, is creating price distortions in the country’s market for cloud computing, with its recent nominal bid to provide the service to a Chinese city government, said a competitor.