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Latest news and updates on Hong Kong's weather, covering typhoon warnings, black rain alerts, flooding, heatwaves and the impact of extreme weather events and climate change on the city. 



In Hong Kong, I faced typhoons that threatened to take my roof off. In England, storms equally strong have struck, but it is the rain and short, dark days of winter that are hard to endure.

  • Extreme weather will become more common, with rainfall of 230mm in an hour possible and 50 per cent more very hot nights, researchers say
  • Academics say multi-departmental team needed to deal effectively with future crises caused by weather

Elaine Chan is among Government Flying Service pilots who fly devices called dropsondes into heart of region’s worst storms, gathering data so city’s Observatory can better predict typhoon paths and intensity.

The Hong Kong Monetary Authority is working with the city’s other market regulators to see how banks can help the local stock market stay open during typhoons and rainstorms.


Tse Chin-wan says emergency alert system that sends real-time notifications to mobile phone users should be reserved for events such as tsunami or earthquakes.

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Readers discuss the rights arising from a land sale in 1911, the Observatory’s commitment to keeping the public informed, juvenile crime, and a US lawmaker’s gun arrest in Hong Kong.

Readers discuss criticism of the Observatory’s signalling during Typhoon Koinu, what the weather forecaster and MTR could do better, and an unconventional step the government could consider.

Readers discuss the danger of basing education policy on ideology, religious teaching at school, labour guidelines for bad weather, and why home price bulls should keep calm.

Secretary for Transport and Logistics Lam Sai-hung insists safest way in storms is to wait it out in safety of terminal building when No 9 typhoon alert or more in force.

Readers discuss the benefits trade fairs can bring to the city as its tries to boost consumption, and enforcement of the law against dripping air conditioners.

Former director Shun Chi-ming says suspension of rail services along open-air sections at Koinu’s peak on Sunday left thousands scrambling for other transport.

Amy Chan, mother of Matthew Tsang, says son recovering in hospital, as questions mount over how teen survived alone in wilderness for week without food or equipment.