Hong Kong neighbourhood guides

If you consider yourself a wine lover or you are interested to learn a little more about the oenology, a Winery located inside an industrial building in Ap Lei Chau is the place for you. At the only winery in the territory, you will be able to sample a range of delicious wines.

During Mid-Autumn festival, the famous Fire Dragon will be dancing through the streets and lanes in Tai Hang, drawing tens of thousands of visitors to the district. But for locals, the real fête is in the small hours when bonfires can be seen in every street corner.

The island of Ap Lei Chau is unique in the world. Connected to the south of Hong Kong Island by a bridge, and small sampans to Aberdeen opposite the channel, the island combines the modern luxury of high-rise residential blocks and the rustic charm of a genuine fishing village.

People seldom get bored looking for something to eat in Ap Lei Chau. The abundant seafood supply and the flourishing hip eateries entwine the island’s food map, making a deliciously prepared Snapper in ginger and scallions for lunch, a grilled deer rack with puff pastry spinach roll for dinner, followed by a red bean sweet soup not impossible.

Tai Hang, a charming little neighbourhood tucked away from the hustle and bustle of Causeway Bay, has a multitude of attractive reasons that make it a place worth residing there. Its allure has many sides, in a way resembling its geographical characteristics.

For many, Tai Hang is a hotspot for a Friday dinner or a weekend brunch. But this is just one of the reasons to visit Tai Hang. Take the pace of a flâneur and explore this unique neighbourhood beyond the taste palate.

Founded in 1984, the Aberdeen Marina Club (AMC) is one of the most prestigious private clubs in Hong Kong. Membership to the AMC is exclusively by invitation, which means there are significantly more individuals and corporate clients who wish to join the club than the actual membership can allow, as there has always been the case.

Part of Southern District, Ap Lei Chau is not only a prime residential area but also an island for a host of leisure and entertainment opportunities.  For those who have a taste for the good things in life, there’s even a shopping Mecca located right in the heart of the island’s industrial area.

For those who hike for the first time on Ap Lei Chau, an island located on the southwestern edge of Hong Kong island, the experience of walking along the natural eastern coast is very different from that of a visit to the commercial and industrial district on the western coasts where there are outlet stores and art galleries.

Hong Kong’s Island South, which feels like a world apart from the hustle and bustle of the central business district, is filled with hidden gems.  The Aberdeen Marine Club is an exclusive retreat with an array of fine restaurants and leisure facilities, while the world-renowned Ocean Park offers family entertainment for countless tourists and locals.

Bistro Du Vin on Davis Street is classed as a high-end restaurant offering gourmet delights and the establishment maintains a tradition of serving a basket of breads, brought to table before orders are taken.

First-timers to Missy Ho, which is located at 48 Forbes Street in Kennedy Town, should allow a few extra minutes for searching because the place is not easy to find. To get there, it is necessary to pick your way through a number of narrow alleys, but once you have arrived and settled in, you will feel the effort in seeking out this chic, trendily decorated pub is more than worthwhile.

New pubs and restaurants keep opening up in Soho West, but a good number of long-established eateries are still operating there. One of them is Sammy’s Kitchen, a restaurant well-known for its so-called soy-sauce western cuisine. Owner and founder Sammy Yip, now in his eighties, still puts in an appearance from time to time to oversee food quality and act as occasional cashier.

Life in western Hong Kong Island and around Ap Lei Chau is becoming more colourful and diversified with the imminent opening of new MTR lines and an allied escalator system. For anyone who has not been to those districts for a while, it is well worth making a visit just to see how life there is changing. A trip along the route of the new MTR West Island Line shows just how quickly the whole urban landscape of that part of Hong Kong is developing.

West Soho, with Davis Street acting as a spine, is become king of cuisine in Island west with an array of exquisite eateries mushrooming in the area. At the same time. the well-established old-time restaurants continue in their strongholds, together creating a shop-mix of the old and the new bringing variety and choice.