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Latest news and updates on social-distancing measures in Hong Kong. To minimise the risk of the spread of Covid-19, the city's government has introduced and constantly updated a number of social-distancing rules, including limits on how many people can gather in public places and indoor venues, a requirement to wear face masks on public transport and in most public places except during exercise, the closure of bars, nightclubs, beaches and swimming pools, and limits on restaurant opening hours. It has also asked civil servants to work from home at various times since the start of the coronavirus pandemic.  

  • Hongkongers heading north say crossing is more convenient after mainland authorities scrap mandatory health declaration introduced during Covid-19 pandemic
  • ‘If there were a lot of people crossing and you still needed to deal with the black code, the whole process would be delayed,’ one traveller says

‘People, children in particular, will be more vulnerable as they have not been exposed to any major flu virus in the past three years,’ authority chief Tony Ko says.

Readers discuss the Hong Kong government’s response to withdrawals from the organ donor register, the need for a science-based review of the city’s Covid strategy, and the EU’s treatment of China.


Hong Kong-based Resorts World Cruises, controlled by Malaysian billionaire Lim Kok Thay, believes the cruise passenger business in Hong Kong will recover faster than in Singapore.

Covid-19 curbs led to losses at Cathay Pacific, while profits fell at Swire Coca-Cola and Swire Properties, but the company is optimistic now that pandemic restrictions are gone, chairman says.

About 60 organisations are taking part in the two-day Exploring New Opportunities Job Fair, the biggest since cross-border travel restrictions were lifted fully.


The world’s third-best carrier is eyeing a return to operating four flights per day from Hong Kong by early next year as the industry looks past the chaos brought by the Covid-19 pandemic.


Readers discuss the importance of examining whether the government’s pandemic measures took into account the needs and well-being of children, the mask mandate and tourism, and the rules for arrivals into Hong Kong.