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  • The tightened regulation came after an SFC review found insurance companies were charging high fees and surrender charges
  • There are 1.2 million investment-linked insurance policies outstanding in Hong Kong worth US$39.2 billion

Hong Kong’s pension regulator is considering changing its investment rules that could allow the 4.5 million MPF members to invest in sovereign bonds.


The Motley Fool, which advises millions of small stock investors worldwide, cited the national security law, anti-government protests and souring US-China relations for its decision to depart.


These entrepreneurs all made a million dollars or more before retiring in their thirties – how are their investments holding up amid the financial storms resulting from the economic impact of coronavirus?

We realise retirement is almost literally a lifetime away, but if you’re earning any money at all, it’s never too early to take some expert advice and start sensible saving for the future

The end of the year is financially tough for most people, but you no doubt have a loooong list of people you want to give presents. Here are five priceless (and free) gifts they’ll appreciate

From figuring out how much profit I would earn, to eyeing the competition, and strategising the sell, a childhood hobby taught me essential entrepreneurial basics.

It's so easy to spend money online and off that you don't always realise you're throwing money away. We've got some advice to help you curb that habit.

It's important to keep track of your spending habits, whether your cash comes from a family allowance, or you work part-time.