Living away from homei

Top advice for millennials living away from home, including finding the right first home, paying bills, budgeting and university accommodation.

  • Companies such as Pakt, Apple Storage and In N Out Storage provide solutions ranging from simple storage lockers for clothes to low-temperature wine rooms
  • For best results fold clothes Marie Kondo-style, stuff shoes with newspaper, keep a photographic inventory of items stored and colour-code storage boxes

Hong Kong’s slight decline reflects how two years of economic turmoil, brought by the 2019 street protests and the 2020 coronavirus pandemic, have wreaked havoc on the city.


Flexible spaces for working or learning from home are just the start – architects cite the ‘15-minute city’ with all you need to live, work and play within a small radius of home

A suspension of foreign work visa programmes and a new bar on foreign students at schools with online classes are just the latest restrictions disrupting Chinese lives.


Many people dread the end of the weekend, and start the week filled with anxiety and stress. But it doesn't have to be that way.

Co-living is still in its infancy, but ‘take-up has been strong so far,’ said Barry Chung, a senior associate director at Savills Hong Kong, ‘with many of the operators currently recording over 90 per cent occupancy rates.’

There's always a lot of talk about the measles vaccines and its side effects, but you really do NOT want to catch this highly communicable disease.

Sharing a space with a virtual stranger at university can be challenging, but with tips and advice from the pros, it doesn't have to stay that way.

We spend so much of our lives online, it can sometimes be a shock to the system when you have to interact with people IRL. Doing it thoughtfully makes everyone's day better, so be polite!

Leaving home and being responsible for your life can be challenging, but it's much easier if you develop these competencies before (or soon after) you move

If you're just starting university or college, odds are you'll be sharing a dorm, room or apartment. Here's our guide to coping with cohabiting with strangers. 

If you're leaving home, you'll need our step-by-step guide to separating whites and darks, how much detergent to use, and some essential dos and don'ts.