Having left Hong Kong’s crowded, frenetic streets for rural Britain, Cliff Buddle felt like taking a city break. A recent trip to a rainy Venice, however, had him thinking wistfully of the Asian metropolis.

Giorgia Meloni’s success at the polls have stoked fears that relations with Beijing could deteriorate, but she has been described as being sensible and pragmatic, traits that can serve her well on the diplomatic stage.

  • Sicilian mafia boss Matteo Messina Denaro was captured in January after three decades on the run
  • Dubbed by the Italian press as ‘the last Godfather’, he was one of the most ruthless bosses in Cosa Nostra

Meloni’s post-fascist Brothers of Italy party was elected on a promise to reduce mass immigration, but the number of people arriving on boats from North Africa has surged.


Just 5km from Florence but feeling much further away, the verdant Italian town of Fiesole in Tuscany has inspired authors and artists such as Gertrude Stein, E. M. Forster and Dante Alighieri for millennia.


Some credit the leader, affectionately known as ‘King George’, with saving the country from financial ruin, while critics said he overstepped his bounds.

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Fendi’s star-studded runway show saw Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista and Kate Moss gracing the front row as models showed off colour-blocked leather pieces and knitwear

The Italian Air Force said it was investigating whether an aircraft of its acrobatic team struck birds before it crashed near an airport, killing a child on the ground.

The relationship between Pope Pius XII and Nazi top ranks, especially Adolf Hitler, has long been known, but the recently discovered letter suggests he received regular updates from Germany about the killings.

Between Monday and Wednesday around 8,500 people – more than the island of Lampedusa’s local population – arrived in 199 boats from the North Africa coast, the UN said.


After joining the exodus to the Gulf state, Roberto Mancini will assess its domestic talent in his first match at Newcastle’s St James’ Park, as he eyes success in January’s Asian Cup finals.

The Venice city council has approved guidelines for a day trippers’ entry fee that comes in next year. It is ‘not a tool for making cash’ and aims to improve the quality of life of Venice’s full-time residents, it says.

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In a video address to Catholic youths in St Petersburg on Friday, Francis said: ‘Don’t forget (your) heredity … You are the heirs of the great mother Russia. Go forward.’ Ukraine said the comments were ‘deeply regrettable’.

Several major wine-producing regions in France are struggling amid problems such as the cost-of-living crisis, Covid fallout and changes in consumer habits.

North Korea’s move ‘poses a grave threat to regional and international peace and stability’, said the organisation’s members and the EU in a joint statement.


Research team studies nine different ways to consolidate marble stones with patented combination of methods used in church restoration project.


The bodies were thought to be of migrants because the area is a popular route crossing from Turkey. Blazes are also being battled in Spain, Italy and Portugal.


The room found at the Civita Giuliana villa underlines the ‘conditions of precarity and poor hygiene’ in which people of lower status lived at the time, Italy’s culture ministry said.

At 18, she travels the world, wears designer galore, and has even been dubbed the ‘Barbie’ princess – so what do we know about this royal who’s rumoured to be dating a fellow heir?

The latest cancellations at Catania airport came a month after a fire at a terminal building led to weeks of disruptions for passengers. The volcano burst into action overnight, firing lava and ash high over the Mediterranean island.

The ‘French island with an Italian accent’ is where many Parisians come for a friendlier feel than in Saint-Tropez and where the air is sweet with the smell of Mediterranean herbs

Japan-born Satoshi Kuwata, winner of the 2023 LVMH Prize for young fashion designers, reveals why his favourite fashion capital is Milan, the age he started picking out his own clothes to wear and his future plans.

From Hong Kong and the Maldives to Geneva, New York and Marrakech, where are the most lavish hotel suites in the world – and just what do they look like inside?

The owner of X (formerly Twitter) promised ‘ancient Rome’ as a backdrop for the face-off, though Italy’s culture minister says the Colosseum won’t be the arena.

Their metal boat overturned in bad weather during the night of Thursday to Friday after setting off from Tunisia, said a joint statement from the UN agencies for refugees, children and migration.


Giacomo Chiapparini was buried under the cheeses when a shelf broke in his warehouse, creating a domino effect which brought down thousands of wheels.