Kemal Bokhary

Kemal Bokhary is the former permanent judge of Hong Kong’s Court of Final Appeal. Bokhary qualified as a barrister in the United Kingdom at 23 but returned to work in Hong Kong, where he was born. He has served as one of the four permanent judges in the Court of Final Appeal since 1997. Bokhary is known for his sense of humour in court. He stepped down on October 24, 2012 – a day before he turned 65.


Kemal Bokhary gained a reputation as the city's most liberal judge. Photo: SCMP

Bokhary's memoirs offer look at the man who held the gavel

It's sometimes easy to forget that judges are human beings. Each appears much like another under their wig and gown. They seldom, if ever, give media interviews or express their views in public, and we usually hear from them only when they deliver their court judgments.