Los Angeles
  • Lazkani may wear designer fashion and sell multimillion-dollar mansions, but her net worth can’t compare to co-stars Christine Quinn and Dancing with the Stars’ Chrishell Stause – yet
  • The British-born property mogul met her husband via Tinder and he introduced her to The Oppenheim Group – who he nearly bought Kanye West’s house from

Elisabeth Finch is alleged to have embellished elements of her life, some of which have been incorporated into her writing on the Shonda Rhimes-produced show.

Robbie Williams just sold his Los Angeles family mansion to Drake for US$50 million – here’s what we know about the celebrity property deal of the year


The museum houses memorabilia from classic films such as The Wizard of Oz and Jaws, with more than 13 million items dating back to the 1920s – curator and programmer Jacqueline Stewart gave us a tour

From Freddy Kruger to Frankenstein, Hollywood horror and sci-fi memorabilia from Rich Correll’s US$15 million collection is on display at a pop-up in the US film capital.