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Latest news and features on sexual harassment and assault, including accusations of misconduct and developments in the #MeToo movement.

  • The man was sentenced to 45 weeks’ jail after he pleaded guilty to two counts of voyeurism
  • He was part of a group of four friends, who had known each other since they were undergraduates and shared a flat in Singapore

Justin Lu Zhao En was sentenced to three years and six months’ jail after pleading guilty to five counts of committing sexual offences against the victim.


Four of five men who reported assaults regretted doing so, research shows, saying police were often disinterested and that the process just added more trauma.


Veteran actor-director Takeshi Kitano has joined calls for the industry to clean up its act after a spate of reputation-damaging sex abuse scandals and suicides linked to overwork and bullying.


Israeli police say they have gathered ‘more than 1,500 shocking and difficult testimonies’ of sexual violence committed by Hamas militants during the October 7 attacks.

Gregorian Bivolaru, an internationally known yoga teacher and author, is facing charges including human trafficking, organised kidnapping and rape, according to French authorities.

The man, 39, was sentenced to 10 years’ jail and nine strokes of the cane for engaging in a sexually exploitative relationship with someone aged 16-18.


A soon-to-expire US law has seen a raft of high profile male celebrities accused of sexual crimes recently, from Cuba Gooding Jr. to Axl Rose – here’s what’s been going down in Hollywood

Restaurant cook Wong Chun-chuen, who was 20 years old at time of offence, pleads guilty to raping teenager in 1983 at now-demolished public housing estate.

Tham Heng Yew, 31, told investigators that he had taken the videos ‘to reduce his stress and anxiety’ despite knowing it was an offence as he was feeling depressed.

The offender, suspended as a teacher since August 2019, met the victims when he was a student volunteer, 17, and abused them in the 1990s.


By the time the law expired last week, more than 3,700 legal claims had been filed. Celebrities named include Bill Cosby, Jamie Foxx and Steven Tyler while politicians include Donald Trump and Andrew Cuomo.

The alleged victim is seeking at least US$5 million in damages, and the suit also names the city of New York and other entities as defendants.

Before her abuse allegations against Diddy – which were settled in a single day – the singer rose to fame with ‘Me & U’, dabbled in acting, and married model Alex Fine

British police said in September they had launched an investigation into a number of allegations of non-recent sexual offences following media reports that women had accused Brand of a string of sexual assaults.

Activists warn of a link between depictions of pornography involving children and young people being lured into the sex industry, as the law does not cover child-porn images created by AI.

R&B singer Cassie in lawsuit says years-long relationship included beatings and rape. A lawyer for Combs ‘vehemently denies’ the allegations, calling them ‘lies’.

The charges against the one-time fashion mogul, now 82, involved four women and a 16-year-old girl and date from incidents that occurred between 1988 and 2005.

A lawsuit said the woman was concerned over Portnow’s power in the industry, but that months later, she gave her account to Academy officials and was ignored.