Japan-US begin joint military drills

Keen Sword military exercises, joint drills held by the US and Japan every two years, began on October 26, 2020, in Japanese waters. Dozens of warships, hundreds of aircraft and 46,000 military personnel took part in the drill. The exercise, which will end on November 5, came as the US increases its military presence near the disputed East China Sea islands called the Diaoyus by China and known as the Senkaku Islands in Japan. The US has been increasingly active militarily in the Indo-Pacific region through an informal strategic alliance with Japan, India and Australia. Though formed in 2007, the “Quad” – short for Quadrilateral Security Dialogue – received renewed interest after China’s relations with its members worsened in recent years. Washington sees the partnership as the bulwark against growing Chinese influence in the region.

28 Oct 2020 - 5:25PM