Urban planning
  • Hong Kong Settlers Housing Corporation says current residents of Tai Hang Sai Estate will be given until March 2024 to move out and surrender units
  • About 1,300 flats in redevelopment will be used for rehousing existing tenants, with 2,000 allocated to Urban Renewal Authority to be sold as so-called starter homes

Readers discuss the unauthorised removal of a load-bearing wall in a Lohas Park flat, the benefits of law reform by an independent commission, and the suspected looting of WWII war graves.

Readers discuss the shift in focus to intra-district connectivity in Kai Tak, a costly attempt to secure a tourist visa to mainland China, and Elon Musk’s wrong-headed beliefs about remote work.


Readers discuss the need for balance between housing development and recreational facilities, the challenge of getting Cathay Pacific back to profitability, and a potential ally in facilitating contentious developments.

Readers discuss a compromise on the proposal to stop helpers breaking their contracts, the advantages of an anti-bullying law, and the opposition to the Fanling housing project.

Soaring rents are driving a boom in subdivided housing units in the city state, with an en suite room now costing tenants as much as US$1,870 per month.


Readers discuss how Hong Kong can enhance traffic management, why car owners should not be prioritised, and the absence of luggage trolleys at Airport Express stations.

Town Planning Board approves government proposal, which authorities earlier said could free up land for brownfield operators forced to make way for developments.

Readers discuss how the city can be an example to be world on adopting hydrogen as an energy source, and a better approach to regulating idling vehicles.

Indonesia aims to have 57 new dams in place by next year to protect itself from longer climate change-fuelled droughts and extreme rainfall. But the project is upending people’s lives and destroying forests and agricultural land.