Zika virusi

The Zika disease is caused by a virus transmitted by the Aedes egyptus mosquito and is believed to have contributed to a spike in cases of microcephaly in Brazil and other parts of the Americas. Microcephaly refers to an abnormally small head for a newborn child. Usually, the Zika virus is relatively mild and requires no specific treatment. As of 2016, no vaccine, preventative drug or specific treatment is available.

  • Researchers hope to learn more about the virus, which can cause devastating birth defects, such as a child being born with an abnormally small head and brain
  • Though worldwide infections have dwindled, climate change is likely to boost the spread of the disease, which is already established in 91 countries

Researchers managed to eradicate populations on two islands in Guangzhou province in two years by releasing 200 million insects specially bred to be infertile.

Exercise simulated a global health disaster with fictional elements to force government officials and experts to make the kinds of key decisions they could face in a real pandemic