5 ways to rederoate your room and personalise it for your lifestyle and hobbies

By YP cadet Nicole Tsung

Your bed room is the place you go to every day, so it's important to make it your own

By YP cadet Nicole Tsung |

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Now that summer is almost over, you’ll be spending a lot more time in your bedroom. But it doesn’t have to be your own personal study dungeon: there are quick and easy ways to turn your room into a place you’re happy to come home to. Just follow our guide to make the perfect bedroom for you, no matter your personality!

Bookworm’s room

Perfect for anyone who loves to read, and needs a quiet, cosy space.

Reading nook: Throw some soft pillows, comfy blankets, and a cute lamp in a corner of your room. It will be every book lover’s dream. To really amp it up, you could even have a tray for snacks and drinks, and a “need to read” wish list.

Book quotes wall: Find a list of quotes from books you have read or want to read, and write or type them out. Stick them on your wall as you would for a photo wall and enjoy the inspiration!

Fashionista’s room

Perfect for the style-savvy, and anyone who loves to follow all the latest trends in fashion.

Clothing rack: Depending on the size of your room, get a clothing rack and hang up your favourite pieces of the week or the season. It can also help you keep track of your more recent fashion items to make sure you’re wearing all your latest purchases!

Mood board: Cut out pictures from magazines of trends, items, brands, and designers that inspire you. Stick them to a poster board, and put it on your wall. You can make a different mood board for every season, brand or trend to create an inspiring collection of mood boards all over your walls.

The sport star’s room

For athletes or people who love to stay active, and want to stay on track with their fitness goals.

Wall of fame: Hang your medals and certificates on your wall to remind yourself of your achievements when you’re feeling down. You can make it a personal shrine to yourself – just don’t let it get to your head!

Motivational decor: Print and frame some of your favourite motivational quotes and pin them on your wall.

Goals calendar: Tick off the days on your calendar when you exercised. Seeing those ticks accumulate is uplifting; you don’t want to break your streak!

Wanderluster room

For anyone with a love for travelling, and wants ideas to fuel that passion, even if it is still just a dream.

Map out your plans: Buy a large map from a stationery store and mark down the places that you’ve been to and the places that you want to go. Hopefully as time goes by, your map will be covered in pins.

Travel memory jar: Grab a big clear glass jar, and fill it with all the plane tickets, leaflets, and little mementos from your travels. It will remind you of all the good memories you’ve had, and the many more to come.

Good times: Buy three or four clocks and set the time of each one to a different country or city you want to visit. (Also works for anyone into international news and finance.)

Retro room

Perfect for anyone who’s into all

the colours and funky trends from the 1990s.

Curtains for you: Beaded curtains are a must if you’re going for that classic ’90s teenage room. You can easily find them at a furniture store such as Ikea, or make your own!

Tie-dye tapestry: This will brighten up your wall instantly, and it’s also very fun to make. Order an inexpensive tie-dye kit from fishpond.com.hk, buy a cheap set of white sheets and you’re already half-way there!

Lava lamps: Although these aren’t bright enough to study by, they’re certainly a super cool throwback to the 1990s ... which actually borrowed them from the 1960s. Now you know!