11 winter hacks to keep you warm as we reach "omg I can't feel my face!" temperatures

Temperatures in Hong Kong are about to drop again; and we have complied a list of our best tips to beat the nasty weather

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There’s nothing worse than getting into an ice-cold bed at night, or watching TV in a freezing apartment. With the recent news that temperatures are going to drop (again) this week, we thought you could use some handy staying-warm hacks!

1. Heat things up

Switching a small heater on in your bedroom 10 minutes before you go to bed – and remember to close the door – will make your room and getting into bed so much cosier!

If you don’t have an electric heater, a hot water bottle works just as well. Hug one as you drift off to sleep, or place it near your feet and you'll be warm in no time. Bonus: it keeps the electricity costs down. (You're welcome, mum and dad.)

Always be aware of any potential fire risks when using an electric heater, though, and be safe.

2. Hot pajamas

Speaking of hot water hottles, wrap your PJs around one 30 minutes before going to bed. That way, they'll be nice and warm by the time you put them on. and you're ready for a toasty night’s sleep!

3. Rug up

Hong Kong homes are built to keep us cool during the summer months. Unfortunately for us, this means that they don’t do a very good job at keeping us warm during winter. 

A rug or carpet on your floor makes for an added layer of insulation, but if neither is possible, an old blanket or duvet will do the trick too. And if you're really on a budget, get a bathmat - the soft, fluffy kind - and put it where you spend a lot of time. For example, under your desk so your feet stay warm while you do your homework.

4. Compliments to the chef

A drop in temperature also gives you the perfect excuse to whip up some comfort food. Whether that's a filling mac and cheese or some yummy chocolate chip cookies, cooking in winter is just so much more fun because you're not sweating like a pig. Anyways, while delicious, the food is not the hack.

After cooking or baking, leave the oven and kitchen door open slightly to fill your home with warmth - and it'll smell good too!

5. Super easy hot chocolate recipe

Take an empty glass jar and add some cocoa powder, marshmallows, Maltesers and chocolate chips. Get creative! 

Make several and store them in a dry place. When you’re feeling particularly cold, simply heat up some milk or soy milk and pour it in. You’ve just made yourself a delicious hot chocolate!

6. Wear tights under your jeans

While possibly the most versatile pair of clothing, a pair of jeans doesn’t exactly keep you super warm during winter.

Luckily, wearing a pair of tights underneath means you can rock your favourite denim jeans even when temperatures fall drastically. And, guys, no one will be able to tell if you have tights under yours ... unless you break out into dance like this.

7. Give your sweaters a second life

Sweaters take up a lot of space in your cupboard; so instead of throwing away last season’s favourtie cable knit, upcycle it to create adorable leg warmers and hand warmers.

8. Layer properly

If you paid attention in your physics class, you'll remember that layering is the best solution to keep warm. The air between each layer acts as an insulator, so get out as many items of clothing from your wardrobe as possible, but put them on in the right order.

The basic principle is to have the materials that trap heat close to your skin, and then a layer than keeps out the cold on top of it all. You also want the layer right on top of your skin to be a breathable fabric, so here's the simplest and most effective way to layer your clothes from the inside out: cotton, wool, fleece, and windbreaker.

Also, scarves and glove will fill in the spaces where cold air can creep in, so don't forget those!

9. Sleep tight

Layering isn't just for your clothes, by the way, and you'd be surprised how much warmer you'd be with just an extra layer on top of your duvet when you sleep. If you don't have an extra throw at home, just get one from budget-friendly places like Ikea or Miniso. Really strapped for cash? Your old bathrobe or a coat thrown on top will keep the heat in just as well.

10. No drafts, please

Often, large gaps under doors allow chilly air from the outside to enter the house, or create a draft through the home.

Stuff the space between door and floor with an old towel to seal the gap is a great way to retain the heat in your apartment.

11. DIY heating pad

Have spare socks just sitting around in your drawer? Fill it with uncooked rice, tie up the opening with a ribbon, and heat it up in the microwave for two to three mintues. Instant heating pad!

If you want to get fancy, mix in some lavender with the rice.

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