[Review] ScarJo and effects impress in Lucy

By Lucy Christie
By Lucy Christie |

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In Lucy, director Luc Besson tries to bridge the gap between superheroes and normal people. The happy-go-lucky title character (Scarlett Johansson) gets caught up with some shady folk, and forced to smuggle a new drug, which is surgically implanted in her stomach. When the drug leaks, she begins to develop incredible physical and mental abilities.

Professor Norman (Morgan Freeman) is a scientist who specialises in the brain's potential, and holds the key to helping Lucy understand her fate. The film follows Lucy as she unlocks more of her brain while trying to understand her new powers, and stop the men who are after her.

Lucy changes from an average girl to an X-Men-style being, able to control objects, electricity and other people's minds. The film builds towards the climactic moment that she can access 100 per cent of her brain; the lead-up is filled with special effects and action scenes which border on the ludicrous. But Johansson should be praised for the superb job she does of convincingly transforming Lucy from a plain, lost girl into an emotionless crusader.

While the idea of brain potential is interesting, factually there seem to be a lot of holes in Lucy. Regardless, the impressive stunts, cool special effects and strong acting make this worth a watch.

Contains drug references and scenes of violence