An epic final fight scene makes up for plot holes in Kung Fu Jungle [Review]

By Susan Ramsay
By Susan Ramsay |

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In Kung Fu Jungle, Ip Man's Donnie Yen is back with a kung-fu thriller set in Hong Kong. Yen plays Hahou Mo, a top martial arts expert who is serving time in prison for killing his opponent in a status fight.

When someone starts killing kung fu masters in their signature disciplines, Mo knows who it is and he engineers a way to get the police inspector's attention. When he has it, he offers to help her, and naturally, he is sprung from prison to track down the killer.

While the plot is as full of holes as a Tai O fishing net and as predictable as the government's responses to #OccupyCentral students' questions, director Teddy Chen delivers an epic final fight. It's no wonder the movie has been nominated for a "Best Action Choreography" Golden Horse.

The villain, Fung Yu-Sae, is played by Baoqiang Wang, and his sneering menace dwarfs Yen's character. He does an admirable job as a manic underdog who believes that kung fu is for killing, and anything else is just a game.

Hongkongers are sure to enjoy the familiar faces that make cameo appearances throughout, and the lighthearted moments will no doubt raise a smile.