[Review] Erratic, but shows promise

By junior reporter Dhruv Singh
By junior reporter Dhruv Singh |

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Most debut albums want to establish and solidify an artist's fanbase. However, for Skrillex, the name that personified drop-centric dubstep and electronic dance music in 2010 with the release of the extended play Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites, this album is disappointing. Recess boasts songs featuring fellow super-producer Diplo, rising hip-hop star Chance the Rapper and the underground duo Ragga Twins.

The problem is cohesiveness. Tracks fail to connect with one another, leaving Recess sounding like Skrillex's leftovers from a live electronic set.

It has its moments, though. Ragga Bomb with the Ragga Twins has eerie distorted vocals, a relatively light bass and choppy rhythm that somehow complement one another.

Skrillex often goes beyond his comfort zone of brostep, which gives the impression he's wading in unknown waters. And yet this kind of experimentation makes him an artist for music geeks to watch out for in the future.