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Having topped the US Top Heatseekers charts, Orianthi's debut album was re-released as Believe (II), with four new songs and another single. Orianthi is reminiscent of Kelly Clarkson: a strong female who alternates seamlessly between pop and hard rock. But Orianthi has an edge: she is one of the most amazing guitarists you'll ever hear.

Shooting to fame after the late Michael Jackson chose her as lead guitarist for his This Is It tour, Orianthi has been compared to Van Halen - and rightly so; the guitar solos on the album are awesome. Her exquisite licks and riffs are the defining factor here.

In the instrumental Highly Strung, Orianthi duels with guitar legend Steve Vai and more than holds her own. The song is an epic musical rock battle, and testament to Orianthi's prodigious guitar skills.

Orianthi has a decent voice, strong enough to carry a melody but not particularly exciting. She explores genres, including hair metal and country, but all with her signature guitar rock. The lyrics are perhaps the biggest letdown. We've all heard these same tired cliches about love, independence and forgiveness.

From anyone else, Believe would be nothing more than average. But when Orianthi picks up her guitar, true magic is made.

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