[Review] Get ready for the sugar rush

By Candace Kwan
By Candace Kwan |

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Goddesses of the indie music scene, Tegan and Sara have released their seventh album, Heartthrob, and the title is indicative of their music - it moves you, both literally and figuratively. The fact that they are identical twins only adds to their popularity in the blogosphere.

This duo, known for their tongue-in-cheek lyrics, released Closer as the first single. Featuring lyrics like "I'm the type who won't get oh-so critical ... I won't treat you like you're oh-so typical", it's catchy and quirky in an unexpected way, just like their fashion sense, something else they manage to effortlessly rock.

No matter the topic, Heartthrob remains upbeat - even Goodbye, Goodbye, with moving lyrics like "you never really knew me, never ever/ You never really loved me, never really", is as cheery as the rest of the album.

Listening to Heartthrob is a sugar-high-induced roller coaster ride, albeit a short one (this 10-track album is only a little more than half an hour long) - but sometimes short and sweet is the best combination.

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