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Has James Blunt broken up with another girlfriend? Judging from the mood of his fourth album, Moon Landing, it seems likely.

The joyous tone of his last album Some Kind of Trouble, released three years ago, is nowhere to be found here.

Bonfire Heart is as close as it gets to happiness. The lead single boasts some beautiful acoustic guitar progressions, bettered by Blunt's distinctive vocals, and hopeful lyrics: "People like us/ We don't, need that much/ Just someone that starts/ Starts the spark in our bonfire hearts."

Remorseful lyrics are almost James' trademark, and on this record, you can find plenty of them. From the apologetic The Only One to Sun On Sunday, fans looking for tear-jerkers like Goodbye My Lover won't be let down. Also worth a listen is Miss America, a tribute to the late American diva Whitney Houston.

Moon Landing is a kind of middle ground on the Blunt musical style scale - a safe album for non-adventure-seeking fans.

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