G.E.M. puts on a concert extravaganza that thrilled and enthralled her fans

Written by junior reporter Christy Cheung

Singer G.E.M. took her G.E.M. X.X.X. tour to the Hong Kong Coliseum last month, and junior reporter Christy Cheung was invited to check out the show and even take a peek backstage. This is what she thought ...

Written by junior reporter Christy Cheung |

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G.E.M. is only 23, but has been around so long she feels like a veteran.

There were so many concert-goers packed into the Coliseum that their glow sticks alone could have lit up the entire arena. People of all shapes and sizes, male or female, young or old, waited patiently on their seats, looking expectantly at the dim stage.

The place erupted when smoke billowed out from the centre of the stage, outlining a slim female figure rising up from a hidden platform. It was, of course, the star of the show, G.E.M. 

She welcomed the audience with a shout of "Hong Kong!" and everyone went wild.

Every outfit G.E.M. wore had a touch of class and femininity. Photo: Shi Yu-song

G.E.M. performed both original songs, such as Pao Mo, and also covers, like  Ni Ba Wo Guan Zui,  Cun Zai, and even a version of Adele's Rolling in the Deep. All the songs were met with cheers from the crowd beneath her.

She changed her outfit several times during the concert, wearing everything from mini shorts to long sweeping dresses. But G.E.M always kept her outfits classy, with a hint of femininity. 

The clothes depended on the mood of the song she was singing. She wore a crop top and shorts when singing up-tempo, fun songs. But for the slower, more heartfelt ballads, she changed into a dress with a slip underneath. This was a great way to add more emotion to the music.

The show wasn't just about singing and performing, either. G.E.M. made sure she chatted with fans while sitting on a piano stool. She thanked them for their continuous support over the past six years, and also expressed her love for Hong Kong, the city where she grew up. She talked about how grateful she was for all her fans around the world who travelled to see her perform. She was only interrupted by the occasional "I love you!" from the audience.

G.E.M. knows how to get a crowd going, and she closed the show with a performance of G.E.M. (Get Everybody Moving), which did exactly as it promised. 

As the stage dimmed, the crowds shouted for an encore. Sure enough, G.E.M. came out onto the stage once more, and sang the legendary Canto-pop song, Xi Huan Ni, to wrap up a great night.

The audience sang along, and their energy reflected G.E.M.'s massive popularity. It was great to see first-hand the close bond she shares with her fans at this sold-out show.


Backstage bonus

The Hong Kong Coliseum had never felt so intriguing, as I walked through the glass doors beside its green gate. I had the honour of attending the VIP backstage tour at G.E.M.'s concert, and the first thing I saw after walking in was a mass of people, clearly bubbling with excitement. 

All around us, G.E.M.'s melodic voice echoed through the speakers, welcoming us backstage and briefly talking about what to expect from the tour. 

By the backstage door, there was a huge board filled with handwritten blessings and kind words for G.E.M., which she could read when she left the arena.

The huge throng of people thinned as a tour guide led them through the doors and backstage. When my group entered, we were greeted by a long corridor. A few workers wearing all black sat near the doors, chatting and eating.

Walking along the corridor, we noticed a door on our right. Behind the door, twinkling lights caught our eye. We were told that G.E.M. would enter this room before her show, and that a hidden platform would lift her onto the stage. We weren't allowed on the platform for safety reasons, but it looked pretty cool, even from where we were standing.

As we continued along the passageway, our tour guide led us through another door into the main arena of the Coliseum. We stood at the very front of the seating area looking up at rows and rows of empty seats. I imagine it was a little like how G.E.M. feels when looking up at the audience. 

G.E.M. knew how to put on one heck of a show! Photo: Shi Yu-song

The view was absolutely magnificent from where I was standing. The different-coloured seats in each section were shaped like a slope, and the very top of the seating looked like a mountain.

The stage was like nothing I've ever seen before. It was lit up in several different colours, and the lights danced across the huge stage. After admiring the view for another minute or so, we continued our backstage journey.

Next, we encountered another corridor, but this one wasn't grey and boring like the others. Instead, it was filled with bouquets of flowers that friends and fans had sent G.E.M., wishing her a successful concert. 

I was amazed at the names of the people who sent flowers; they included other famous singers, big corporations, and family members. From the amount of flowers she received, it was clear that G.E.M. has made her way into the hearts of many people. 

The highlight of the tour was the G.E.M. exhibition at the very end of the corridor. The moment I stepped into the room, my eyes zeroed in on a figure that looked eerily like her. On closer inspection, I found out that it was actually a wax figure of G.E.M. from Madame Tussauds. 

My beating heart slowed a little as my excitement faded, and I focused on the rest of the room. Inside six long glass cases were various awards, ranging from those she had won at a singing competition in her school, True Light Girls' College, to her most well-known award from season two of the mainland reality show I Am a Singer

All of her awards were on show at the exhibition, and the sheer number of them was staggering. After looking at each and every one enviously, our group went to another side of the room to check out the wall of photos that made up a timeline of G.E.M.'s singing career. I learned a lot more about her and how she became what she is today.

I then waited in line (impatiently!) to get my photo taken with the wax figure of G.E.M.. Although we didn't get to meet the real singer, a wax figure of her was at least the next best thing. It looked so real that my heart even skipped a beat.