Return of the Legends: a breakdown of the teams facing off in the final round

Malcolm McNicol
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(L-R) Stanley Wang June-tsan, "Lilballz" Sung Kuan-po, "Toyz" Kurtis Lau Wai-kin, "GodJJ" Wang Young-jie and "MiSTakE" Chen Hui-chung - the Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau team - is off to the final round!

After the two exciting semi-final matches at Return of the Legends (part of the Hong Kong EMF eSports and Music Festival) on Friday and this morning, in which Team Taiwan / Hong Kong / Macau emerged victorious over Team Europe, and Team China conquered Team North America, we have the last two contenders for tonight’s final.

Here's a breakdown of the final two teams slated to fight for the right to win the champion’s cup - and major bragging right - so let’s get ready to rumble.

Semi-final match-ups:

Semi-final 1 (4 August): Team Europe vs Team Taiwan / Hong Kong / Macau vs Team Europe (THM)

Results: 2-1 win to Team THM

Semi-final 2 (6 August): Team North America vs Team Mainland China

Results: 2-0 win to Team China

Team Taiwan / Hong Kong / Macau:

Who else could we start with? As the local team representing the home crowd, these guys are the obvious fan favourites.

Aside from AD Carry “BeBe” Chen Bo-wei, who is currently still active in the competitive scene, the four other players competing in the tournament won the League of Legends Season 2 World Championships with legendary team Taipei Assassins.

"Toys" is one heck of a middle laner, but will that be enough to take team Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau to the top?
Photo: Reuters

Starting with “Stanley” Wang June-Tsan in the top lane, this guy was the rock for his team while he was still playing competitively. Who can forget his split-pushing performances on Shen and Jax? His consistency and ability to play a huge champion pool will be a big part in this tournament, along with in-built synergy with fellow teammate and jungler ‘Lilballz’ Sung Kuan-Po – who is known for his insane reflexes and outrageous footwork

In the middle lane is “Toyz” Kurtis Lau Wai-kin. Is an introduction even necessary? The boy from Hong Kong was an absolute beast in season 2, dominating opposition mid laners from around the world, especially with his signature Orianna pick, who fans will be watching out for during the tournament.

In the bottom lane is “GodJJ” Wang Young-Jie, the ex-Taipei Snipers marksman. GodJJ is supported by “MiSTakE” Chen Hui-Chung, prominent shot-caller and leader during his championship winning days.


Team Mainland China:

Team Mainland China look to be a likely favourite of the tournament. Consisting of 5 veterans, they still stream regularly, showing us that they should be feared.

All fingers point to the man in the middle lane – “Misaya” Yu Jing-xi, who is such a famous League of Legends player that there is actually a move named after him. 

"Misaya" Yu Jing-xi and his teammates from team mainland China will face Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau in the finals.
Photo: Reuters

Known for his crafty footwork and creative technique, his team’s fate lies in his capable hands.

The team consists of four fellow ex-Team World Elite (WE) teammates “CaoMei” Wei Han-dong, “Ruo” Teng-Yang Tian-xia, “WeiXiao” Gao Xue-cheng and “Fzzf” Feng Zhuo-jun.

With all due respect to the other teams, Team Mainland China’s players only stopped playing professionally not long ago. It would not be a surprise if they tear through their opponents because they are still in fighting shape. Expect good teamwork and almost no mistakes from this team.

The final best-of-3 championship matches starts tonight at 7:00pm at the Hong Kong Coliseum in Hung Hom. Follow updates on the Young Post Instagram, where we’ll be providing live reports.