‘Headspace Guide to Meditation’ TV review: Netflix show based on app is definitely worth your time

Rhea Saxena
  • The madness of 2020 reminded us of the importance of making time to take care of our mental health
  • Former Buddhist monk Andy Puddicombe takes you through the basics of this proven relaxation technique
Rhea Saxena |

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Make time to meditate - and get some help getting started

With the craziness of last year behind us, and the craziness of 2021 already beginning, it’s about time we stop to take a breath and do nothing – mindfully of course.

Headspace Guide to Meditation is a new show on Netflix that will teach you how to practise mindfulness.

The eight-part mini-series is narrated by the co-founder of the Headspace app and former Buddhist monk, Andy Puddicombe.

Each episode focuses on a new topic and a strategy to deal with an emotion, for example, stress, anger and anxiety.

Throughout the series, Puddicombe includes stories from his time as a monk and teaches us the basics of meditation.

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His soothing voice guides us through 10 minutes of theory and an introduction, followed by an 11-minute meditation that you can follow. This is very helpful because it allows you to put your newly acquired theory into practice.

Meditation can be hard to do at first, but as you watch more episodes, you’ll ease into it.

Episode 2 was my favourite; it focused on the effects of meditation on the mind and explored techniques in “letting go” of certain things in life that are bringing you down. This is something that everyone can benefit from and should practise regularly.

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The animations in each episode ensured a calming and engaging experience. The warm colours and smooth integration of the animations with the meditation techniques are relaxing. The ambient music also contributes to an enjoyable experience.

The narration, however, might seem a bit slow for some viewers who will be tempted to skip ahead to more interesting parts.

The main takeaway from the series is that meditation is for everyone. It’s nice to take a break from back-to-back Zoom calls and just listen to a soothing voice.

Whether you’re new to meditation, or use the Headspace app regularly, you’ll learn a variety of meditation techniques you can apply to your daily life. This show will definitely help you to relax.

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