The best Valentine’s Day 2021 T-shirts to buy for you and bae

  • Flowers, chocolates and teddy bears are nice and all, but there’s nothing like wearing your heart on your sleeve (or chest) to show someone how much you care
  • An item of clothing will also last longer than over-priced roses or candy
Amalissa Hall |

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Wear your heart on your sleeve ... or chest

Treat your significant other to a fresh tee this Valentine’s Day, or surprise your crush with an anonymous gift that tells them how your feel.

And they call it ...

Who’s a good, good boy?!

...puppy love! Whether you tick “single”, “in a relationship” or “it’s complicated”, this good doggo will love you unconditionally.

Buy one here.

Everyone wants one

Could they be any cuter?

Is this the ultimate pairing? Everybody loves sloths, and these sloths love each other, just like you and boo. You are sloths. Sloths are you.

Buy one here.

In the mood 4 love

Love is life (in video games, too)

This pixel heart shirt will tickle the fancy of gamers and 8-bit enthusiasts alike. You can customise the fit and colour, so go ahead and get matching a one for your SO.

Buy one here.

Or not

Not completely heartless.

For anti-Valentine’s types, this tee captures your mood pretty concisely. The subtle blush colour hints at the fact that you’re not completely heartless, but the spider says that outward displays of love, chocolate, and teddy bears just aren’t your thing.

Buy one here.

I Heart You

Anatomical Heart Tshirt

If you love love and you love science, this tee featuring an anatomically-correct heart ticks both boxes. The simple illustration means it works all year round, too, and makes for a great conversation starter with both artists and aspiring doctors.

Buy one here.

Dropping knowledge

It’s all you need

The Beatles made a great point with this lyric, and this vintage-style graphic tee is certainly a way to celebrate Valentine’s day in a less obvious manner than a heart-shaped box of eye-wateringly expensive chocs.

Buy one here.

Tell ’em how you feel

Can I make it clearer?

This tongue-in-cheek tee is cute, although maybe a little morbid if that road roller moves any further ...! The burgundy is a great alternative to the traditional pink or red hues typically associated with V-day.

Buy one here.

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