Shinrei Tantei Yakumo (anime)

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A haunting and things that go bump in the night are just some of the pillow-clutching events that precede the main event in new horror anime Shinrei Tantei Yakumo (Psychic Detective Yakumo).

College student Yakumo Saitou has different coloured eyes: his left eye is blood-red and allows him to see spirits. Fellow student Haruka Ozawa comes to Yakumo, begging him to help her friend whom she believes is possessed and is slowly dying in hospital; with the doctors unable to do anything, Yakumo is her last chance.

Haruka explains that she and three friends went to a haunted music room in an old building on campus where she believes they were cursed by evil spirits. Since then, horrible things have happened to the trio.

Yakumo agrees to help Haruka - but for a fee. He explains that since they are not friends or romantically involved, he should be compensated for his troubles. Agreeing, Haruka takes Psychic Detective Yakumo to the scene of the crime. Will he be able to solve the case and save her friends?

The anime is based on the novels by Manabu Kaminaga with illustrations by Katoh Akatsuki.

Keep an eye out for spirits and this spooky show on local channels soon.