This Unicef Make a Video entry says true love is boring - and that’s ok

Here’s why a simpler kind of romance is better than the unattainable ideals that we see in movies or hear in love songs


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What type of love is the best type of love?

The video opens with a girl singing a love ballad. Then, she goes on to describe the different types of love she knows – based on what she’s seen on TV dramas or has heard people sing about in pop songs. She says she is touched by the love stories she hears and hopes to one day experience it for herself.

But, how often do you see a man take a bullet for his true love, or couples who aren’t afraid to express their affection in public, just like we see on television? We see couples fighting and hear about divorce more often.

The love I want doesn’t have to be overly romantic. I just want a simple life with someone who I love, someone who I’d want to grow old together with.

I don’t need any spectacular romantic gestures. I just want to be able to prepare a lunchbox for my husband, straighten his tie, and watch him as he leaves for work … that to me is the greatest kind of love.

In modern society, commitment in love seems less important than it was back in the old days. It seems that all people are interested in is intimacy and passion in love. But how long can that last? As I mentioned in my video entry for the Make a Video competition, among the various types of love out there, the best kind is a simple yet warm one shared between two people.

Over-the-top confessions of love or extravagant surprise anniversary events, may play well on TV, but not so much in real life. Passion will fade, but the love and support between a couple is what matters in the end. Love is something that doesn’t have to be seen, it is something you do.

Edited by Nicole Moraleda

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