Rumble Box: ties vs bow ties

Lucy ChristieYP Reporter

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Lucy Christie
Bow ties are far superior to regular ties. They are perfect for taking an outfit from average to outstanding. Nothing says "formal" quite like a sharp suit with a bow tie. It's perfect for weddings, graduation, prom or any other special occasion when you want to really stand out.

Ties, on the other hand, are just boring. Lots of people wear ties to work, and something you wear to the office every day is hardly special.

But don't just take my word for it. A lot of famous characters love sporting bow ties. If it's good enough for famous detective Hercule Poirot, it's good enough for me. The second-favourite accessory (aside from the obvious) of Dr Seuss' Cat in the Hat, it's also a wardrobe staple for Donald Duck and Indiana Jones. And Dracula wouldn't be nearly as charming if it wasn't for his stiff collar and iconic bow tie.

Which leads me to another point: the timeless quality of the bow tie. As Dracula proves, the bow tie doesn't go out of style, no matter how many years pass. Unlike ties, which change with fashion trends from thick and patterned to skinny and shiny, and can quickly look dated, the bow tie is a classic style that is always in fashion.

And if you don't know how to tie a tie properly, you're out of luck, and left looking scruffy and unfinished. That's not a problem if you're wearing a bow tie. Simply clip it round your neck, and a few twists and tweaks later, you'll be looking smart and neat in no time.

Besides, if all the other famous bow-tie wearers aren't enough to convince you, who doesn't want to look like James Bond?

Ben Pang
Would you wear a bow tie to a job interview or work? A tie looks more appropriate in these situations. You can wear one in any business or social context, but it will definitely make you look cool at any event.

A bow tie, which is always paired with evening wear, is too formal, and unsuitable for many occasions. It looks awkward, inconvenient and impractical if you wear it at work. Bow ties are limited to weddings and black-tie events, but a tie gives you more options.

A bow tie is also too small. How can such a tiny piece of clothing help you stand out?

Look at a tie: its patterns and designs are eye-catching, ranging from solid and striped ties to foulard, pin dot and paisley ties.

A solid tie can sit against any solid or striped shirt, but a bow tie is less likely to showcase these patterns given its tiny size.

Bow-tie lovers may not get annoyed by its knot because there is only one way to tuck it into your collar - the bow-tie knot. But wearing a bow tie makes you lazy and boring. A tie tells a different story - the countless knots, from the Pratt or the Windsor, to the Eldridge, Trinity and Penrose, make every day different. It's also great to learn the creative and unlimited ways of tying a tie.

Unlike bow ties, ties have a powerful visual effect. According to Mark Ford in his book Self Improvement of Relationship Skills Through Body Language, "a vertical stripe and 'below the belt' tie will make you look taller and slimmer". The right choice of tie can empower you physically and mentally. You will be more self-confident when wearing a tie.